In workplaces that have embraced the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, they need to make sure that they have an effective BYOD security solution in place. The advantage of BYOD means that employees can use their personal devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones for work purposes. The disadvantage, however, is that this can open up the business to many security threats without a secure IT infrastructure.

  • What are the Risks?

Without secure BYOD solutions, the risk with multiple devices such as Android and Apple mobile phones with different operating systems all connected to the network is that they are open to a cyberattack. This can include a malware infection which spreads throughout the network and infects all devices that are connected, a breach that results in the damage, theft or corruption of sensitive and valuable company data, a lost device resulting in lost data, and more.

  • What is the Solution?

Turning to an IT managed service will give you access to a team of IT professionals who can conduct an assessment of your business’s IT infrastructure. This allows them to detect and identify any potential security issues they come across. From there, they can begin designing, planning and implementing a range of effective BYOD solutions.

This can include integrating platforms that allow you to control who can connect to the network, who can access information once connected and the level of access they are allowed.

  • Why Turn to an IT Managed Service?

When turning to an IT managed service, they will work closely with you in order to understand what your goals, objectives and needs are. This will allow them to create a tailored BYOD security solution that is directly in line with your business needs. This can include various services and tools such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Before any data is transmitted over the network, a VPN will encrypt it to prevent the risk of any private and sensitive data being leaked.

This BYOD security solution is important for businesses that are using unsecured and open networks to transmit company data. Not only will it ensure that all data is protected when transmitted, but it also will protect personal devices that connected from threats such as viruses, malware and hackers.

  • What Can You Do?

There are a few BYOD solutions that you can put in place right now to try and reduce the risk of a security breach such as a blacklist. This will involve creating a list of unsafe applications that employees are not allowed to install such as Facebook Messenger, Wickr Private Messenger and other social networking apps.

Make sure that your applications and software are up-to-date, as updates and software patches are released to address any security vulnerabilities. Another tip is to make sure that all your data is securely backed up, although an IT managed service can ensure this is done efficiently with cloud technologies and off-site storage.

To ensure your business network and IT infrastructure is fully protected and secure with a range of efficient and effective BYOD solutions, search online for an IT managed service today.