Dubai is an ideal destination for first-time travellers, especially from a country like India. With its active nightlife, tremendous activities, beautiful beaches, and never-ending mesmerizing royal events, Dubai will always be a come-back spot for travellers.


When you are in any new country, one thing that always comes to your mind is, how will I be getting around in the city? Travelling is, most of the time, the greatest cost while exploring different cities. These days, just rent a car Dubai. Why?


Your car is just your car. You are the part-time owner of the car and enjoy it privately just for yourself, which is the major plus point of choosing to rent a car.


If you are a driving junkie, renting a car will not be less than a golden opportunity for you to drive at different roads of the city and country.


When you have your private car, you don’t need to have a fixed schedule. You can just take your keys and drive wherever, whenever.


Now comes the question, how do Car Rental Dubai and car rental Abu Dhabi work? Each traveller will have a million questions. Can I choose my car? How much do I pay? Do I need any permits? Am I eligible? And tonnes more. Chill. We will be guiding you about how to rent a car Dubai and rent a car Abu Dhabi.


How Do I Choose My Rental Company?


For car rental Dubai and car rental Abu Dhabi, there is a tremendous competition in the market. So first things first, check the reviews of your searches at multiple platforms. Reviews are the most honest and reliable decisions to choose your car rental company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


Shift Car Rentals are always with 4.5+ reviews on most of the reliable platforms. This rating is very important to decide if the staff is helpful and supportive if the cars given for rent are perfect if the rates and other services are good or not. And, at Shift Car Rentals, you will find it all. Most of our testimonials include the highest quality service as well as support staff.


Am I Eligible to Rent a Car in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?


Dubai and Abu Dhabi are very strict with the compliance of all the legal laws and requirements for driving on their roads. The legal driving age in UAE is 18 years, but for a tourist rental car, one must be at least 21 years old. However, for a valid international driving license holder or a UAE license holder, these points are not to be considered.


How Can I Choose My Vehicle?


You need to keep in mind a few points before choosing the vehicle to rent out:


The number of people going with you- If you only have 2 members and are looking for a stylish car, you can go with a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.


The purpose for which the car will be used- If you want to enjoy a desert safari, you must rent a Range Rover. If you want to enjoy hilly terrains, a Rolls-Royce is recommended. If you want to drive in a city with an eco-friendly purpose, an SUV would be the best option.


Your budget- Of course, renting a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will need to keep in consideration your budget.


What Documents Do I Require to Rent a Car?


To rent a car Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you will need to present the following valid documents:


  • Driver’s License
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Passport Photograph


Can Car Rentals in Dubai or Abu Dhabi Go Through Tolls?


According to Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, the Salik fee or the road toll is deducted whenever you drive across any of the following listed checkpoints:


  • Airport Tunnel tollgate
  • Al Barsha tollgate
  • Al Garhoud Bridge tollgate
  • Al Maktoum Bridge tollgate
  • Al Mamzar tollgate
  • Al Safa tollgate


Each of these questions and a lot more will be explained to you thoroughly when you consult at Shift Car Rentals. We are the highest-rated, greatest quality of service car rental providers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the most affordable rates. When you are visiting Dubai, just give us a call and have the best vacation!