Mention chocolates and see how many people out there start drooling! Chocolates are all our favorites, aren’t they? Who has been able to resist chocolate after all? When it comes to storing chocolates, the most obvious expression that could come to one’s mind is ‘why’! Why would anyone on earth want to store chocolates at any place other than their mouths! But what if you bought those extra chocolate bars to save you that extra trip to the grocery? Well, if so, then here are some storage tips that you might want to consider so that your much-loved chocolate doesn’t get spoilt before it reaches your most favorite storage place that is your mouth: –

  • If you’ve ever read the storage instruction section on the chocolate bar, it clearly mentions ‘store in a cool, dry place’. Well, that is essentially an ideal thing to do. Chocolates need to be kept away from the heat of the sun or the light. The heat of the sun can melt the chocolate. Even light can oxidize chocolate leading to it getting spoilt, and we definitely don’t want that. And a wet place can spoil the chocolate too. Storing chocolate in a cool and dry place such as a cupboard keeps it safe.
  • It is ideal for storing chocolates outside but what about summers when the room temperature goes high? Keeping your favorite chocolate bar outside on those days can inevitably spoil it. In such cases, it is recommended to refrigerate the chocolate.
  • Freezing chocolates has its own little rules. Simply keeping the chocolate in the fridge for too long leads to chocolate blooming. Chocolate bloom is the greyish powdery film that forms on the chocolate, making it look ugly. That does not have any significant effect on the taste of it but can still be prevented. It is ideal for packing the chocolate in an air-tight container in order to avoid the entry of the refrigerator’s humidity inside the chocolate which is bad for it. To be on the even safer side, you must use a paper towel to wrap the chocolate to absorb any little moisture that might have penetrated within. This kind of storing prevents the chocolate bloom from forming.
  • In the case of freezing, if required, the same storage methods should be followed. Only when the chocolate needs to be used, it must be transferred to the refrigerator and then to the outside instead of directly from the freezer to the outside. Sudden changes in temperature over a rapid range can spoil the texture of the chocolate. Therefore, it must be gradually transferred across varied temperature ranges.
  • Chilled chocolates need to be brought down to room temperature before consumption. It is a common phenomenon to notice the difference in the taste of chilled chocolate from normal ones. Chilled chocolates do not deposit the right flavor on the tongue. Therefore, they must be brought down to room temperature before consumption.
  • Chocolate should be eaten as fresh as possible. The fresher, the better! Also, check the shelf life of the chocolate before having it is a basic important thing to do.
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