If you’re all set for the perfect bedding at your weekends to give your bedroom an astonishing look then JC Penny Black Friday 2019 is no longer behind in offering you the best bedding during the spree. Adorn your bedroom, living area or any other part with ease having the exciting offers during the event. Also if you’re out of the ideas on how to plan or design your bedroom, you will see the myriads of options such as window curtains, bedding, mattress and more that would give you a clear perception to choose according to your home design. Before we talk about how to build a pretty spring bed let’s talk about different bed heights.

That’s news now, I grew up with a mattress on a slat bed you probably did too. It was a bit creeky but it’s what we had and the beds were fairly low. Well, soon enough we were into mattresses and box spring sets. They kept getting taller until finally, they were about 30 inches before you even added legs to the bed and always skirted. First, it was roughly and then it was inverted pleated and beds got higher in elevation and started to look silly. They made your bedroom ceiling look too low and your headboard barely showed.

Now we have gone back to wanting a mattress and very thin box spring right on slats because we want to have air under our bed. We want them to be leggy upon feet just like the old fashioned beds. Now you can be extreme if you want and go to the very low bed right on the ground. Very zen which looks good in pictures but it’s too modern for the style of most of our house. For this, you can go with the hybrid – not super high, nor too low. 23 inches from the ground to the top of your mattress, lots of headboard showing I think that’s a perfect height.

So how to dress a pretty spring bed. You need lots of different textures, colors, and patterns that are complimentary and you want to create dark and light contrast. You can go with a taupe headboard so that you put sharp white woven europian pillow shams in front of it. All the bedding materials you would easily get from the JC Penny Black Friday Deals at enticing prices. In front of that, you can go with the queen-size pillowcases in a black & white print and then a soft grey which isn’t quite matchy but you would notice how the design is matched but the colors don’t because that’s the part of layering.

You can switch to stone gray which I think is wonderful with the white and cream sheets. So, you’ve got lots of layers of contrast taupe – white, cream and stone gray. One more detail you should heed is a top sheet, it must have an embroidered edge. You can go with chocolate or brown color because it perfectly matches the gray and gives a little bit of contrast. I personally like the bedspread to just hit the side of the bed so you don’t have to tuck it in and you don’t have to pull it out at night.