Even if you are not an Olympic athlete, nor measure 2 meters and you can play in ACB; If you practice a sport where the physical and athletic component is important, and you think you can improve it, we will give you 10 tips of vital importance and in a short time you can check your improvements.

Training should do more than help burn fat and build muscle, it should help increase the balance of all your muscle groups, strengthen the core area and make you a more athletic person globally.

We help you take the necessary measures to maximize your performance in the gym, on the court, or in the pool.

Follow these training tips to ensure maximum benefit from your workouts. The better you train, the more successful you will be in your sports competitions.

Change the strategy regarding charges.

Unless you are a bodybuilder, or fitness competitor, or just like to sculpt your body, you don’t have to worry about how big your biceps is. If you are training for athletics, or any other sport, you can leave hypertrophy behind and focus on improving your strength.

As an athlete, your goal is to increase your strength and your potency. Compound movements, such as squats and starts, are ideal for increasing power and strength. It is also necessary to work with large weights, move large weights and if possible quickly help us improve speed and power in an incredible way.

Focus on the power

Forget very long and extremely slow series. Forget about slow repetitions and start working quickly. Keep the bar under control, but do not hesitate to work especially the concentric part of the exercise at maximum speed (for example in bench press the concentric part is when I raise the weight), during the eccentric part we can lower the speed a bit so as not to damage our muscles

In some cases we can even do without the eccentric part of the exercises, but these types of exercises should be controlled and monitored by experienced trainers, and should only be applied in cases of high performance.

Work the cardio outdoors

Cardiovascular work in the machine should be limited to the maximum, our cardiovascular work should be done with exercises with more open movement patterns, although our sport is basketball or football, no matter if we ride a bike or go swimming, but we must avoid the machines gym as elliptical or all kinds of exercise bikes, since their movements are very limited.

It is even better to work this type of cardiovascular work in full nature with more irregular surfaces that will help us strengthen all muscles in a global and balanced way.

Take small naps

The best thing for recovery is to sleep. To maximize your body’s ability to rebuild muscle tissue, nothing compares to eight consecutive hours of sleep. If at this time you cannot sleep those 8 hours, we can add naps of 20 or 30 minutes after a workout or at some time of the day, this can help us improve our recovery.

Glutamine Supplement

Glutamine is an excellent complement to optimize recovery, especially for athletes who frequently train at high levels. Use it after a workout to replenish your body’s muscle fibers and it also helps keep your immune system strong.

Drink a lot of calcium

Most people think of calcium as a nutrient for bone formation. What they do not know is that it is also essential for the achievement of adequate muscle contractions. Consequently, if you are not taking enough calcium, your athletic performance will fall short.

Be sure to regularly eat foods such as low-fat cheese, Greek yogurt and skim milk. If you are lactose intolerant, consider taking a calcium supplement. To get a better boost, you may even consider getting some HGH or buy legit human growth hormone like Lilly Humatrope 72 iu.

Improve your fuel

Athletes need to perform at their best, inside and outside the gym. If you are training for a sport where some performance is required, a very low carb diet is not the best plan. Any form of intense training requires glucose as a source of energy, so you need to have a proper carbohydrate diet.

This does not mean that you have to adopt a high carb diet. But if we have to have adequate levels. To help your body recover, consuming carbohydrates after training is also very beneficial.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Even mild dehydration can negatively influence your performance. It is not something to take lightly. It is necessary to hydrate before, during and after your workout. As we learned in school your body, like the planet, is mostly water, we can’t stop drinking!

Take Rest Days

When the training plan tells us to rest, rest should be total, we should not do any low-level cardio, or regenerative cardio, rest should be complete so that our central nervous system can really rest.

Periodize Your Training

For the gym to help us in our sport we must work together several qualities at the same time, for example; when we work squats with high weights, we are working strength and speed, when we work our middle or core zone, we are working strength and balance, so we must pay special attention to a perfect technical execution and the use of adequate load.

To be able to carry out a physical training that helps us to improve our sports performance, it must be designed and controlled by a trainer or physical trainer, where you take into account the qualities that you should work and enhance, and a whole series of basic factors in planning , such as competitions, specific training for each sport, travel, etc., a gym training that is not designed in a professional way can cause the opposite effect to the one we are looking for, since we can produce overtraining, or fatigue in muscles that later We need fresh.