Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips For You – Your car takes you safely to all the places you want to go but requires you to take care of it to keep it running smoothly. Your car maintenance is very important to always achieve your goals with full security. Some things are worth doing in every revision of your car, to stay up-to-date and to avoid possible mechanical or electrical problems. All of this is called preventive maintenance, which is maintenance that aims to prevent problems in the vehicle, not just repair it.

Car maintenance is a subject that can disturb most drivers if it is not done properly. But that is something you cannot avoid so you do not risk walking when you need the car the most, including traveling with your family.

Safety when with your beloved family is one of the goals that you must understand, because there is no point in a good car when your family’s safety is not guaranteed. What’s more, your own safety as a driver. Therefore you have to do car maintenance periodically so that the condition of the car can always be perfect.

1. Machine oil

Change oil before leaving the car in the garage, preferably with oil without additives. It must be checked every week. Before using the car for the first time in a day and on a level floor, remove the oil dipstick and clean it to be able to measure the oil level correctly. Do this using paper or cloth. Then just enter it again. When removing it: the oil mark must be between the “Min” and “Max” marks of the dipstick.

2. Brake

In addition to discs and bearings, check the status of oil and brakes every two years. In general, the brake fluid must be replaced every two years or as recommended by the manufacturer, because it has the property of absorbing water, which can evaporate with the heat of the brakes and form steam in the system, which greatly disrupts braking. If they are below the minimum thickness, the lining and brake pads must be replaced.

3. Timing Belt

The last toothed belt is around 50,000 km most of the time. Not worth the risk of damage, which can cause serious damage to the engine, such as a valve arch or a hole in the piston. It must be replaced by a good mechanic. Exchange conditions vary according to each car model and vary between 30 thousand and 50 thousand km.

4. Air radiator

The liquid cooling system must have the correct additive ratio. Just like the level of engine oil, it must be seen every week. When the engine is cold and the vehicle level, the water must be between “Min” and “Max” indicated on the tank. It is very important that coolers have the correct additive proportion with good quality, never only pure water.

Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips For You

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