AI is here to save the world, prepping us up with an abundance of job opportunities and yet terrifying us at the same time. Artificial intelligence no doubt is the most heard buzzword now and is widespread across industries worldwide leaving no room for error.

There are ongoing conversations in the industry projecting the number of job roles seeking AI and machine learning skills. Thus, the increased demand for workers increased up to 119% in recent years. Indeed’s recent report indicated a rise of 29.1% of job postings in a year time.

What are those job roles?

Here’s an infographic representing the top 10 most in-demand AI jobs:

  1. Machine Learning Engineer – 75%
  2. Deep Learning Engineer – 60.9%
  3. Senior Data Scientist – 58.1%
  4. Computer Vision Engineer – 55.2%
  5. Data Scientist – 52.1%
  6. Algorithm Developer – 46.9%
  7. Junior Data Scientist – 45.7%
  8. Developer Consultant – 44.5%
  9. Director of Data Scientist – 41.5%
  10. Lead Data Scientist – 32.7%

Published by the World Economic Forum, a report “Future of Jobs,” says that AI is going to demolish almost 75 million jobs by 2022, but will consecutively create 133 million newer job roles.

At the meantime, while job seekers keep leveling off between last May 2018 and May 2019, the numbers have taken quite a turn today. However, much of tomorrow’s AI engineer and AI experts may still be in their early days of procuring jobs in these professions.

Many of the job listings that require AI skills couldn’t be found on last years’ list. For instance, deep learning is a skillset that appeared for the first time, that too at the second position. Deep learning engineers work with programming systems that have the ability to mimic human brain function. They play one of the major key roles is growing fields such as facial recognition, robotics, and autonomous driving.

Seeing the growth for AI skills, employers will now need a whole set of data science team. Hiring for job positions that are listed down requires a wider range of talent. AI engineer certification is proven valued by potential employers looking to hire for these crucial job roles. In the previous year, 2018, generalized job roles such as data engineer, computer scientist, statistician and research engineer topped the list. But this isn’t the case in 2019. Newer job roles such as senior data scientists and lead data scientist has taken the lead in occupying the top most metropolitan cities with their job openings.

Top cities that will offer you your fair share of AI jobs in job roles such as AI engineer or AI experts:

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Washington, DC
  4. San Jose
  5. Seattle
  6. Boston
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Chicago
  9. Dallas Fort Worth
  10. Atlanta

In coming years, AI will precisely create more jobs than it destroys. Sooner or later, artificial intelligence will transform from being an elite niche to becoming the mainstream technology. The highest salary compensation falls between the range of $107,077 and $95,047 per year.

One can consider getting into big giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple to make their presence known in the AI world.