What Tarot cards mean? Is it magic or there is any fact behind it? With the increasing trend of tarot card reading, you can find the various answers to these questions. Some are confusing and some might be facts. But in the midst of all the foretelling methods, you cannot deny the fact that tarot cards are trending and there is no turning back for these mysterious cards. 

Tarot card reading is the ancient form of foretelling, spiritual healing, and guidance. It has helped people from centuries to tap into the future and get guidance for all aspects of their lives. According to tarot card readers, a tarot reading can answer all your questions and by understanding the tarot cards meanings, you can explore the various hidden facts about you and your life. It is the guidance for life and a true friend when you need advice for love, career, finance and so on. And with the commencement of online tarot reading apps like Tarot Life, tarot readings have come on your palm where you can get life guidance with one single tap. Now, you can anytime use your free readings and get guidance even when you are a novice to tarot cards and its meanings. But besides this, there is a lot more to explore.

The mystic cards have many hidden facts and secrets behind it. These secrets are amusing and can be really helpful whenever you get a free online tarot card reading app or go for a live tarot reading session. So, let’s take a quick look and unfold the mystery of tarot cards. 

10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Tarot Cards and Tarot Card Readings-

The enigma of Tarot is enticing and with every fact, you will come closer to know what tarot cards really are. And how tarot card reading works? Read on and explore the secrets.

10 interesting facts about tarot cards


  • A Playing Game 

Tarot Card Reading was not always a divine foretelling tool. It was originated as playing cards called “Tarocchi” in the 15 century. It was first used publicly by the end of the 18th century as a medium of fortune-telling. In the modern context, there are different tarot decks available in the market. Some have animals imageries and some have angels engraved on them. 

  • A Deck Of 78 Cards 

A Tarot deck contains 78 cards- 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards represent major breakthroughs, events, possibilities, and challenges while the Minor Arcana cards represent the day to day life’s challenges and possibilities. 

  • A Person In Each Major Arcana Card 

Each Major Arcana card displays a person in its imageries. The four Major Arcana cards- Temperance, Devil, Judgement and The Lovers signify 4 archangels- Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael respectively.

  • Throws Light On Different Life Phases 

Tarot Cards works with intuitions. Each tarot card is engraved with archetypal imagery and symbols which indicates a specific phase of life. Tarot Card readers and online tarot reading apps breakdown these imageries and share tarot card meanings with respect to your question. This is how tarot card reading works.

  • Connection Between Your Birthday & Tarot

Everyone has a tarot card which is personalized with his/her birth date. This tarot card is called “Birth Tarot”. Birth tarot is chosen by summing up your full birth date (mm,dd, yyyy) and reducing it into a single digit. But, the addition of it is done in a  unique manner. The calculation is not as simple as it appears. Many online tarot card reading apps have Birth Tarot Calculators which can give you an accurate idea about your power cards. 

  • Elements Of Minor Arcana 

Each Minor Arcana card suit is associated with the 4 elements of the Earth. They are:

  • Suit of Cups- Water element
  • Suit of Pentacles- Earth Element
  • Suit of Swords- Air Element
  • Suit of Wands- Fire Element
  • Intuition Is The Key 

Unlike the other foretelling methods, you need not be an expert in reading tarot card and learning tarot meanings. You can read your tarot cards by yourself with no knowledge using online tarot cards reading apps or having a right set of tarot decks.It majorly depends on how strong your intuitive power is. 

  • The Secret Of Tarot Spreads

There is a fixed pattern for spreading tarot cards for getting answers to your questions, called Tarot Spreads. You can find many tarot cards spreads online such True love Spread for love and relationships questions, Career Path Spread for Career related queries and 3 Card tarot Spread for understanding your past, present and future conditions, and Celtic cross spread for different aspects. All these spreads include a different number of cards ranging from one to ten. 

  • The Position Of Tarot Matters 

There are two cards in every Major and Minor Arcana card termed as Upright and Reversed Tarot Cards. There is opposite and different tarot card meaning for each Upright and Reversed tarot card.

  • Negative Tarot- Do They Exist? 

Unlike the popular myth, there is no bad card in the Tarot Deck. The cards like Death and Devil often shows the negative aspect with a positive meaning to adapt to the changes of life. 

Concluding Thoughts!

Tarot cards are not magic. It is the most intuitive and powerful tool to awaken your higher wisdom and look over the tarot predictions. It is a guidance and meditative tool which can also help you to calm your soul and take effective decisions in life. This might be the reason Tarot cards are now trending as the most popular divination tool for everybody who needs guidance and answers. 

However, you must always try to use the best tarot reading app for accurate and insightful tarot predictions. The apps like Tarot Life will help you to gain insights with accurate and easy to understand features. Think about your question and pick the card, tarot card reading will reveal the answer and show things in light. 

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