The kitchen that acts as a hub of the house now, used to be hidden in the early days. The kitchen was just a place for preparing the meal and washing the dishes. However, the scenario has changed a lot and nowadays the kitchen plays an important role in a house.

Kitchen renovation has become a popular trend and people nowadays tend to get modern and stylish kitchens. Since there are numerous kitchen designs, it is important to choose the right design for your kitchen, so that it gives you the right resale value for your home. You can right away go for the clever, concealed form of the design if you have a paucity of space, or else, you can also experiment with the banquet-style two seating arrangement and keeping a sliding loft table, if you have fewer people at home.

Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Designs

Smart Kitchen Designs

Technology has major contributions to our lifestyle, and it has entered the kitchen in recent years. The term smart kitchen has become popular over the years and now this is one of the most popular kitchen design trends for the homeowners. Smart kitchen indicates the use of smart kitchen appliances and making it smarter than before. Keep some space reserved if you have a large dining table. You can also use the pewter and the gunmetal varieties to add more glamour to your kitchen. Gone are those days when only brass or bronze was the option.

The technology plays a vital role in a smart kitchen like you can place a WIFI-enabled coffee maker or rice cooker or microwave to make your cooking easier. In case you are a tech-savvy person and a homemaker, you can take a look at the smart kitchen designs.

Black Is the New Sensation

Colors play an important role in the kitchen and one must choose the right colour after kitchen renovation. White cabinets used to be very popular for kitchens, but the classic style seems to be outdated in 2019 and black has become the new sensation.

Black cabinets give you a distinct look and if you are willing to get unique kitchen designs, you should check it now. Dark kitchen cabinets are very popular nowadays and you can also choose from navy blue, emerald green, plum and other darker shades.

Streamlined Kitchen Designs

Streamlined designs are also very popular in the world of kitchen renovation and if you are looking for the most popular kitchen designs in 2019, the streamlined kitchen design will surely get a position. Streamlined kitchen designs focus on simplicity and modern look. You can also experiment with the open shelves and it will make your kitchen look larger.

Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Designs

Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen

There was a solid demand for hardwood flooring in the early days however latest flooring technology has brought significant changes and a lot of people now prefer installing ceramic tiles in their kitchens. Ceramic tiles are less expensive, and the maintenance is easier.

Ceramic tiles come along in a wide variety of sizes and designs and homeowners can choose according to their requirements. Ceramic tiles can mimic the appearance of natural stone, solid hardwood or others and this is one of the trendiest kitchen designs in 2019. Open shelving solutions and adding more vintage vibe to the existing kitchen design have now been the favourites of multiple homeowners.

 The above-mentioned kitchen designs are some of the most popular kitchen designs of 2019 and we hope readers have got an idea on the trendiest designs to choose from. One must understand that kitchen designs are ever-changing, and the most popular kitchen design will turn outdated after a few years. One must consider specific requirements while remodelling the kitchen and it will result in the ideal kitchen design.