9apps is considered to be the best option among all the platforms available for downloading the apps. It helps in saving a lot of space on the android device and helps in speedy downloading of the apps. This was founded in 1999 by the Alibaba group. This is a user-friendly method as it helps to save a lot of space and improves the speed of downloads on the device. All of these apps are available in apk formats and that too without even spending a single penny. 9apps install helps to download in user-friendly manners by making it available in fourteen languages. The various live wallpaper apps have been listed as follows:

  • Summer live wallpaper: The app provides a beautiful summer landscape in the background. It also includes falling animated leaves from trees. Animated flying clouds and birds are also there. Soap bubbles are also there which burst out on touching the screen. These all are available that too on low battery consumption. A large number of settings and customizations are available and such wallpapers look great on phones and tablets. The app is just 9.7 MB and the app contains ads also.
  • 4d Shiva Live: The app is free of cost and came into existence in August 2019. Various wallpapers have been provided by the app which leads to low battery consumption. The app provides beautiful images of Lord Shiva in different backgrounds. The mythological wallpapers are available in abundance and there are no charges in order to download them. The app size is 5.4mb and provides various wallpapers for android devices. The app is quite popular.
  • Colorful Magic Live Wallpaper: The app was released in August and is one of the most beautiful apps created by the designers. One can give the android phone a completely new look without paying a single penny to anyone. This can completely change the way one uses the phone and the way one interacts. One can even customize the wallpapers. Various interactive effects are also available. The app is just 9.0MB and is highly preferable among android users.
  • Photo frames: The app provides various frames for various other occasions. Animated flowers and greeting cards are also available. One can add photos in various shapes and can even crop them. One can create animated gifs also. There are huge collections of greeting cards and wallpapers. Many types of live wallpapers are also available and the app size is just 22.9mb.
  • Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers: The app offers free wallpapers, ringtones, and sounds. Wallpaper is available for all kinds of devices and systems. Even app icons can be changed and favorites can be added to the list. Various settings can be automatically adjusted in order to make the screen more beautiful as per the requirements of the users. The app size is 10.8mb.

9apps gives tough competition to Google play store in the form of a user base and is available in apk formats so that space is saved on the devices.