Being an international student sounds exciting but is difficult at the same time. No matter from which country you belong to but shifting to a new country has its own pros and cons. You have to be adaptive to open up to a new culture, language and people you meet. This experience can be extremely good in life. But if you are an international student in the United States of America, it can be expensive. There is no doubt that the US is a superpower and it can be difficult for a foreign student to stay there.
In any country, an international student has to pay more costs than native students. If your country’s currency is low than that of US, then it can even more tough for you. You will have to pay double amount for fees and other things. In order to meet the expenses and earn a living, international students can do a number of part-time jobs. This will help you in improving your financial condition and also enjoying while studying.

Jobs for International Students
Students can either get a part-time job or a full-time job depending on what they are eligible for. This article is especially for those who are looking for part-time job in the USA. Here’s a list of part-time jobs international students can do and earn for meeting their expenses.

1.Tutoring – Tutoring is helping someone else in the subject or course or topic you are good in. If you are good at a subject, then you can start your tutoring services and charge for it. it will be completely your choice how much you want to charge. If you are thinking to join a company that provides a tutoring job, then you will have to accept the amount they are providing you. For instance, if you are good at writing essays, you can help other students write their essays when they ask you how do I write my essay. Or if you are good at programming, you can tutor the students who are having difficulty in understanding and implementing the programming concepts.

2.Cafeteria – There are so many cafeterias in the United States, you can search for the one that has a vacant position and apply for it. Usually, in a cafeteria, you can get a job like a waiter, cashier, or kitchen, etc. It depends on you which job you want to go for. In order to get a job, you must ask your friends and professors if they can help you with it. Other than this, you can do research on finding a job. Search online all the cafeterias in your region, then contact them and ask if any of them need any kind of job. Then go and give interview if there’s a vacancy. Try to interview in more than one place so that you have a choice to make. Choose the one that suits you the best.

3.Babysitting – Babysitting is another popular part-time job in the United States. Everybody loves babies, but make sure you are really capable of doing this job. A baby can create quite a nuisance and chaos. You can shout or beat the kids, you really need to have the skills to handle a baby. These jobs contain a lot of responsibility. Hence, choose it only after careful consideration. Also, it depends on the age of the baby. If the baby is big try to build a good relationship with them by helping them in their work. For instance, if they are completing their assignment, then offer them assignment help. Or if they are playing or solving a puzzle help them in that. Having good relation with the baby will make your job easier.

4.Room Attendant – Room Attendant is responsible for cleaning the rooms. This service comes under the housekeeping department. A hotel hire’s room attendant for providing cleaning services to the client staying in the hotel. Room attendants are assigned to different rooms. They have to clean these assigned room. Cleaning includes dusting, removing dust and dirt from the room, making beds, keeping things in their places, vacuuming, keeping the bathroom hygienic, etc. The average salary of a room attendant for a part-time job is $12 per hour.

5.Front Desk Clerk – For being a front desk clerk, it is essential that you have extremely good communication skills. Along with communication skills, it is important that the person is polite, friendly and welcoming. While entering the hotel or a motel, the front desk clerk is the first person the client interacts with. It is the duty and reasonability of the person to welcome them and answer any query for suggestions the clients give. The front desk clerk must know how to handle the customer. Along with this, front desk clerks also have to manage calls and oversee office budgets. They can earn $11 to $15 per hour.

6.Receptionist – Receptionist is similar to the front desk clerk. In this job, the receptionist has to take calls, answer calls, handle clients, answer their queries, etc. They have to be open to new ideas, greet people and customers friendly, make sure the data of the customers is not disclosed to any outside person and the confidentiality is maintained. Along with this, the receptionists must contain other abilities like working under pressure, control their emotions, remain calm with angry customers, etc. The part-time salary for a receptionist is around $13 per hour.

7.Data Entry Clerk – Data entry operator is also called a computer operator. Data entry operators are responsible for entering the data in the computer systems. This data can be from different databases, files or another record. They have to manage these data files, databases and records thereby maintaining secrecy. They must include skills like fast typing, technical skills, computer skills, administrative skills, multi-tasking, etc. they earn an average salary of $16 to $20 per hour.

8.Library Assistant – A library assistant is responsible for managing the record of books in the library. They sort and keep the books according to the categories. In a nutshell, they have to maintain the whole work of the library. The information about the books, members, amount due and paid of members, etc. The part-time salary of a library assistant is $20 per hour.

These are amongst the best part-time jobs students can pursue. This will provide them an ease in doing in spending money and meeting their expenses. Also, international students are not always studying or doing work, they also travel and have fun. For enjoying such student life, it is important to earn money.

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