Adopting and abandoning trends is what manufacturers do. For the people who follow smartphones all year round, 2018 was crazy in regards to the technological advancements that the smartphone industry saw, it marked the year of the triple camera, in screen fingerprint sensors and many more amazing features, 2019 won’t be any less crazy. Below is the list of dominant smartphone features in the year that’s upon us. If you want to get your hands on the best smartphones in the industry, use Lenovo offers and gets them at a discounted price.

5G smartphones

With more and more people migrating to 4G, it’s becoming congested, resulting in a decrease in the speed of the network. If 4G isn’t enough for you, 2019 can see the rise of 5G smartphones. Faster speed and better coverage is the motto. Once this feature comes to reality, we can all start enjoying faster upload and download speeds.

The phones coming out this year will have the ability to cope with the next-gen speed. But the drawback being that the phones may not be available globally and will roll into only a selected number of markets with the 5G setup.

Multi-Camera Setup

The megapixels war continues. With triple camera phones being released in 2018, this year seems to be even more promising. Companies coming up with four(or more) cameras not just promise you a pretty picture, but a picture that is sharper, with more accurate colours, more detailed and greater dynamic range. Performance in low light will also be significantly better than what it has been so far. Imagine what all can be done with so many cameras working at their best– the possibilities are endless.

Gorilla Glass 6

The rules have changed. Corning the scientist engineered more robust glass that can protect your phone against multiple drops. The sixth-gen glass is thin, light and damage-resistant. This glass is very tough and more durable than any glass panel so far, passing 15 consecutive drop tests. It’s said to be twice as good as its last version, i.e. Gorilla Glass 5.

2019 can witness Gorilla Glass 6 being used in the smartphones, both rear and front. So, you can worry a little less if you drop your phone.

Dual Display Phones

Trying to perfect the dual display feature, the idea has failed to capture the public’s imagination. But 2019 is going to show some real work on this feature. For those who still confused about this idea, in a dual display, the rear panel is an OLED screen with a resolution of 1,520 x 720 while the main display is 6.26-inch LCD with a higher resolution (2,280 x 1,080). The second display(OLED one) lets you take a selfie with the main camera.

These upcoming features will take the smartphones to a new level. Lenovo is growing in the smartphone market, so you can check out Lenovo Offers to get your hands on the best Deals possible.