Home and kitchen trends change from time to time, customization in every field of life is necessary to be done in time. You don’t need to go the extra mile and buy stuff from the market always, something you can do is from home, and buy new things to replace the older ones.

Now glass jars are very trendy and versatile to use in every corner, here are some types of available Glass Jars in the market by the worldwide glass Jar Suppliers

Types of Glass jars:

  • Soda-lime glass jars
  • Spice and flour jars
  • Water and liquid drinking jars
  • Cork and Mason jars
  • Airtight and flip lid jars
  • Color tinted and transparent jars
  • Canning and standard glass jars
  • Jam and jelly jars
  • Honey and cookie jars
  • Ball regular mouth drinking jars
  • Storage jars with lids and locks


  1. These jars can be used for various purposes, like pen holders for all stationery items placed on the writing-table. 
  2. You can make your makeup brush holder out of this glass jar. And place it on the dresser.
  3. You can keep your toothbrush and paste in glass and keep it near the washbasin.
  4. You can store your extra items like hair bands, and ties for the longer use. And avoid searching in time of need.
  5. Add your paint tubes and brushes in different glass jars to distinguish the use of the brush.
  6. You can store your lip balms and concealers in it.
  7. Lip pencils and mascaras can be easily picked out of glass jars in the dressing table.

These are not just end of the uses, there can be lanterns made inside the glass jars and you can use that as night lamp, place it on the side table near your bed.

Just make sure to regularly clean these jars to maintain the shine. Shine is the thing that makes them attractive. So keep their shine stay longer, use a soft cloth to rub from outside, and try to was the inside of the jars every once in a while, placing all contents out and wash it with dishwashing liquids and soft sponge, don’t forget to pat dry. You can make your mini garden from these glass jars depends on the likes and taste of your gardening, you can make your glass jars, small plants can be easily grown in those and enhance the beauty of your apartment.