Swimming pool designs have undergone many changes over the years. The earlier pools have simple rectangular shapes or eight shaped shapes. Concrete was the material used in the building of pools. However, at present, there are many designs and options available for users to choose from.

The earlier pools were affordable only for the rich people, but now there are many types of pools affordable by the middle class. Also, it is now possible to add customized features to any pool as per the choice of homeowners. Here are some amazing types and designs for swimming pools.

There are three types of building materials used to design swimming pools. Concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools are the three types of pools.

Concrete pools

We all know about the concrete pools that are traditional pools used for decades. Nowadays, people don’t prefer concrete pools as due to their rough surface and higher costs of maintenance. Concrete pool design has more algae problems as it settles on the pores on its surface.

Vinyl liner pools

These are pools covered with vinyl lining. Now people prefer vinyl liner pools over concrete due to their smooth surface and low maintenance. The walls of a vinyl liner pool are made of steel, aluminum or polymer. They are easy to construct and have a low initial cost.

Fiberglass pools

These are the pools that are made in a factory and transferred to the place of installation. The material used is fiberglass, and the complete unit is transferred directly to the customer’s location. All the homeowners need is to dig the right size of excavation for the installation of the pool.

Designs and shapes of pools

There are various designs and shapes of pools that people can customize them as per their choices. Let us check some popular shapes and designs of pools.

Infinity pools

Infinity pools are the ones with an invisible edge often called no-edge pools. People living in hill areas or beach areas prefer infinity pools as it offers you to enjoy beautiful landscapes. The water flows over the invisible edge into a hidden trough from where it is recycled into the pool again. If you have wood glens or palm trees around your property you can build an infinity pool in your house.

Perimeter overflow pools

The perimeter overflow pools are built to create an optical illusion to make the water mimic mirrors and deck surfaces. The water overflows on all the sides to a trough that works like a 360-degree vanishing edge. If you see an overflow pool from a distance, it appears like a flat surface of a mirror. However, the mirror effect disappears when a wind ripples the surface of the water.

Classic rectangular pools

These are the traditional style of pools that are popular for decades, but the design never goes out of style. You can still find rectangular pools in many houses, hotels, and resorts. If you have a traditional form of home or other property, a rectangular pool is the best option for the same. However, you can customize your pool to add your favorite features.

Architectural pools

The architectural pools have a structure and definite lines that echo with the property in which it is built. The design matches the design of the property and offers a cohesive overall view. Same materials are used in the construction of a pool as used in the building. Architectural pools are made during the development of property taking in size of the space and layout to match with the house.

Family pools or Recreational pools

These are the pools for fun and recreational activities in a property. People make these pools in their homes to spend time with their family and relax on weekends. You can add as multiple features to make it more interesting like features in water parks. It’s like a water park but on a small scale.

Natural pools

These are custom-made pools to look like a natural pond in a property. A pool designer adds natural features like stones, boulders, waterfalls, and plants in the surrounding to offer it a natural look. However, the same equipment is installed in these pools like a pool pump, chlorinator, Ozonator, pool sand filter and chemicals.


Spools are the spa pools that are small and custom-built to offer you privacy in your house. Spa pools are made for therapeutic purposes inside your home. People use spa pools for relaxation and entertainment. You can add lukewarm or cold water as per your requirements. The cost of installation and maintenance is low in the case of spa pools.

Final words

These are some popular types of pools that people build in their homes. If you want to install a pool in your property, it is essential to consider your requirements and the space available for choosing the right type and design of the pool.