IBPS PO is one such exam which needs lot of practice and authentic exam preparation. Dedication and hard work can do wonders,
so all you need is to put in your best efforts to qualify it in the first attempt. Start your exam preparation well in time at least 4 months before the scheduled exam date so that you can complete the syllabus. Work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths with full determination. IBPS PO comprises of three stages namely;

1. Prelims

2. Mains

3. Interview

Prelims stage is qualifying and thus needs lot of hard work and dedication. It has sectional cut-off besides negative marking and sectional timings. Therefore it is a hard nut to crack if your preparation is not effective.

There are certain tips that you must follow before you switch over to exam preparation these are:

1. For quantitative section you must it is advisable to learn tables of cubes,
squares and general tables up to 30 natural numbers. Learn the cube roots and square roots and methods to find imperfect cubes and squares respectively. It will help you to do quick calculations of the complex nature.

2. Develop the habit of reading English newspaper to improve your reading speed which is a must to attempt the questions quickly. It will improve your current affairs knowledge. You will be preparing for two sections if you develop this habit.

3. Make a separate note book to write down the current affairs you read in the newspaper and revise them daily till your exams.

4. Develop a separate list of difficult words that you come across while reading and find their meanings and understand them well. Try to use them in your daily life or write sentences using them to know the proper usage.

After this preliminary preparation you can start your routine time table studies following the steps given below:

1. Based on latest exam pattern, do attempt a diagnostic test/ free mock test to measure your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you a clearer picture of present aptitude and help you in preparing for the best. You can also get an overview of the predictable question paper and can prepare your topics well. The prelims pattern will most likely be as follows: English: RC – 10 Cloze Test – 5 Para Jumbles – 5 Spot the Errors – 5 Phrase Replacement – 5 Quantitative Aptitude: Number series – 5 Quadratic equations – 5 (this year it wasn’t asked but it’s very important) DI – 12 (2 sets of 6 questions) Simplification/ Approximation – 6 Reasoning: Puzzles & Data Arrangements – 20 – 25 (4–5 sets) Inequalities/Syllogisms – 5 Blood Relations/ Direction Sense – 1 or 2 Coding Decoding – 2 or 3 Ordering & Ranking – 2 .

2. After finishing mock tests, do check the feedback which will report you about your performance. Do list out your strong and weak sections. Likewise,
do list out strong and weak topics from each section. The objective is to strengthen your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.

3. Prepare your exam strategy: While attempting question paper,
do select your strongest section and try to answer maximum questions correctly. Do make sure to solve sufficient questions that can fetch you sectional cut-off marks. Do repeat the strategy for other sections. This strategy will help you in clearing the sectional cutoffs. Now, go back to your strongest section and try to attempt more questions but never try guessing in it. Do apply the knowledge of studied concepts to the best of your potential in all sections and try to solve maximum questions correctly from all the sections.

4. The second half of your exam preparation should start with your weakest sections. It is because you have to clear sectional cut-off to qualify the exam. Do take one topic each day and brush up your knowledge by going through basic concept videos. After thoroughly understanding concepts,
do try to solve problems based on these concepts. Do pick important topics first and work hard on it.

5. The motive of practicing problems is to enhance your speed of answering. Do remember that you have to solve a question in less than a minute,
if you want to qualify this exam.

6. After completing any topics,
do attempt specific tests or quizzes based on the topic to judge your performance. Do list down your mistakes and try to rectify it and practice similar questions with more accuracy.

7. The last few weeks before the exam are all about revision and mock tests. Mock tests are like dress rehearsals of exam and they are attempted to make you confident and lift your moral. Do remain relaxed on the exam day as IBPS PO exam is one such exam that tests your patience and determination besides your skills and aptitude. Do follow these tips and strategies to score well in the exam.

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