Being a volunteer firefighter is a hard job. Not only is it based off on merit and toughness, but it’s also dangerous. How many times are emergency workers called in the middle of the night to tend to an emergency? It’s dark and unsafe to be driving so fast on the roads that late at night, but that is what is expected of regular emergency workers, and even volunteer workers such as volunteer firefighters. Ultra Bright Lightz sells Emergency Lights For Volunteer Firefighters because we care about your safety and want to make sure that you have some of the brightest and best quality lights when responding to emergencies. Our collection of lights meant for firefighters are great for seeing in the darkest of conditions and are made to alert other road users and clear the way for easy passage for better, safer, and easier emergency response. No matter the conditions, Ultra Bright Lightz is here to make sure you are always seen and heard on the road.

Our Feniex Fusion lights are one of the brightest brands of LED lights that we sell. Pair the Feniex 100 Stick Light with the Feniex Fusion Surface Mount Recessed Mount Bracket light. These lights are described as stealthy and bright to bring you a clean look and bright light. Get this light in either the single color or dual color stick to be seen on the road in any condition. Pair these lights with the bracket so that it will sit flush on your vehicle and mount perfectly in any place that may be hard to mount a light, such as a bumper. Chose any of our color combinations from red, white, blue, and amber color mix options. Order all parts separate or chose to add in bracket options with the purchase of your light to complete the kit. These can be mounted inside or outside your vehicle with the bracket.

The ways to customize the Feniex Fusion 100 Stick Light with Dual Colors are endless. The light spread options are interchangeable from 180° or 40,° comes with 40 different flash patterns, and 2 programmable modes. The bracket options allow you to choose from rotating, headliner, single L Bracket or Double L Bracket to get the exact look you want. Place this light on your grill, inside the windows, or other places you wouldn’t normally try to make it work. The aluminum extrusion is weather resistant and durable. For only $89.99, you really can’t beat this price. This light is the perfect light for emergency lights for volunteer firefighters who need to light up the day or night to respond efficiently to calls. The single color light stick comes with many of the same features, but at a cheaper price of only $59.99, and with the options to get a solid red, white, blue, or amber color.

Being a firefighter is not an easy ordeal. Ultra Bright Lightz knows that your safety comes first, which is why we process and ship all orders within 1-10 business days to ensure you are getting our top-notch LED lights quickly and efficiently. We created this company so that other first responders could have the products they needed at fair prices and high quality. When it comes to keeping first responders safe, we have your back. Whether it be police, ambulances, or firefighters, you need to be seen and heard on the road, and Ultra Bright Lightz is here to make sure you head out safely and return home safely every time without fail. Order your first responder lights today and get 5% off and free shipping with Fusion Lights.

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