Based on JB2603-94 design standard, underslung crane is a kind of lightweight overhead rail crane equipped and loaded with AQ-CD1 or AQ-MD1 electric hoist. The most common type of underhung crane we produce is AQ-LX type single girder overhead crane, widely used for loading and unloading goods in warehouse, workshop and stockyard, particularly suitable for occasions where the workshop is not high enough. This underslung crane also saves the steel structure such as columns. The underhung cranes are not allowed to work in explosive, corrosive and flammable environments.

Compared with AQ-LD type overhead crane, it has no need for vertical columns and has the chance if reaching a higher lifting height. Besides, the lifting device can reach the end of the beam so as to get closer to the wall. This single girder underslung crane has a small lifting capacity, usually ranging from 0.5 to 10 tons. If the client has a specific requirement for underslung crane specification, custom design and manufacturing are also provided. The AQ-LX type single girder underhung crane is quite famous and popular in the market for its practical and economic advantages.

Advantages of Underslung Crane

Compact and solid structure

The LX type overhead crane is manufactured with a steel I-beam or flange beam so as to improve the structural rigidity and service life of the crane. The hook can reach the cantilever so that the lifting space is increased.

Smooth operation and low noise

The adoption of step-less speed control of trolley running helps to remove the swaying of lifting goods and improve the accuracy of positioning. The under slung cranes adopts modular design and the components have high interchangeability. According to the span of the crane, the wheel pressure can be precisely figured out to ensure optimal performance.

High safety and reliability

The electrical components are chosen from world-famous brand Schneider, and contactors with large capacity are used. The maximum lifting weight can be limited by the electronic overload switch installed on the wire rope suspension device. The brake adopts an automatic changeover device with high-pressure start-up and low-pressure operation, which can realize the quick synchronous starting and braking between the brake and drive device.

Structure of Underslung Crane

The structure of motorized underslung overhead crane is quite similar with that of ordinary overhead crane, but it requires and needs small lifting capacity, low lifting speed and small span. The underslung crane mainly consists mainly of main beam, hoist trolley,  end beam, and electric control system.

The main beam is a simple cross-section beam composed of sheet steel and I-beam; the electric hoist or chain hoist is equipped with a simple trolley to form a hoist trolley as the lifting device, and the trolley usually runs on the lower flange of the I-beam.

This type of overhead crane has simple and easy structure, low requirement and low cost for the workshop space, which leads to popularity among customers.

Operation of Underslung Crane

The motorized underslung overhead crane can be operated and controlled in two ways: pendant control and wireless remote control. The pendant control enables the operator to keep a close eye on the loads when they are moving, while wireless remote control allows the operator to keep away from the loads for the sake of safety.  Which operation method to choose depends upon the customer’s requirement, the types of loads, etc.

There are some important tips for the operator when using the underslung crane. The operator should be professionally trained before going to his post, and strictly comply with the operation procedures. If the operator is not clear with the goods weight, the goods shouldn’t be loaded. In addition, overload or oblique lifting is not allowed. The operator should regularly check the condition of every part of the crane, and if there are abnormal problems, measures should be taken immediately to ensure safety operation.


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