Germany is a country with many unique and typical festivals, set by each state and also influenced by customs and practices of each region.

Surely one of us had once heard of Germany’s famous Oktoberfest beer festival. For those who “love” beer, this annual festival is a real paradise! Oktoberfest has countless versions in most countries around the world, but all originate from Munich Oktoberfest. Are you ready to blend in with the atmosphere of Oktoberfest beer festival in Germany, lasting from the end of September to the end of the first week of October?

You may be surprised to know that the origin of Oktoberfest does not stem from the need to enjoy beer. This festival was first held in 1810, on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Ludwig, lasting for 5 days and for residents living in Munich. The festival closed with a big horse race. Since then, Oktoberfest has become an annual traditional event with an increasing number of beer stands.

Coming to Oktoberfest, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beers from the famous breweries in the city of Munich. All beers are produced under strict procedures to ensure the reputation of German beer brands (mainly using natural materials). Beer at the festival is relatively different from other normal beers: sweeter and contains less CO2. They are very easy to drink and can make you forget how fast and often you drink more than usual.

Oktoberfest to this day really can be said to be a “unique” festival in the world, which conveys the meaning of cultural traditions, German customs and habits, and is a very open festival open with modern developments.

Let’s enjoy this special holiday! Immerse yourself in fine beer!

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This is really a festival for tourists, locals will enjoy beer, sausage together and participate in games, dancing screen extremely interesting. To feel better about Oktoberfest festival, please remember to follow the information of the festival in 2019. If you have the opportunity, then you can go directly to Munich to participate and feel.

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Popular food at Oktoberfest beer festival is traditional grilled dishes such as grilled chicken, grilled ribs, grilled pork.

People gradually create a culinary corner very special with Oktoberfest style with all the typical dishes of the Bayern region such as white sausage, salat mixed sausage, roasted chicken, cheeses … Also not lacks a baked roll of bread called Brezel. It is a dish with beer very characteristic of this state. Let everyone see that you are a lover of German cuisine, love beer of Germany and love Oktoberfest festival very much! I hope that this T-shirt will perfect choice for you.


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Oktoberfest beer festival in the world not only has its own organization in Germany but in many other countries, but it is just a follow-up version and statistically there must be up to 3000 such versions. But, to feel and see clearly the characteristics of Oktoberfest beer festival, only Munich is the original, the most successful.

During Oktoberfest festival, in addition to delicious beer, people join together and participate in collective activities, the impression that this festival brings is the costumes to attend the festival. Accordingly, with the people of Bavaria they will attend the festival by wearing traditional German costumes.

With the sisters, they will wear Dirndl sets with colorful, wearing a white shirt with a wide neck. The beauty is so charming. As for the guys, they will wear Lederhosen costumes. This outfit features: shorts with 2 strings squeezed over the shoulders that look like bibs. The pants are made from leather, the knee-length length is paired with a pair of rustic shoes, a pair of turtleneck socks.

This is enough to make you attend the festival! Isn’t it wonderful?

This is a special festival, always getting the wait, extremely eager participation of people all over the world. If you have time and conditions, remember to come here and enjoy beer at least once in your life!

Wonderful Oktoberfest !

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