Valentine’s Day is when we celebrate the love in our lives. Overtime, the definition of Valentines has broadened and today besides the beloved we can have our friends, parents and siblings as our Valentines. Anyone you Love , is your Valentine – Makes perfect sense to me.

I would just say , we should never miss an opportunity to express Love, Gratitude or Care to anyone we know. Valentines is another such opportunity. When I was a child, I used to write letters whenever I stood in need of saying something. With times, this has gone out of fashion but the human desire for attention and love has remained. Personalised gifts do the job just fine. You can choose products that can carry pictures of your loved one along with quotes or any words that you may like to have. My personal favorite is a website called Presto Gifts which offers over 500 options of valentine’s day gift ideas that are a great expression of love and absolute joy to receive.


3D Crystals, Wooden plaques, wall hangings – you name it its all there and they are all personalized. Easy to order, totally online and you can have the stuff delivered to any address globally. They have recently updated their website and even offer suggestions through online chat.

Trust me, personalized gifts are one of the best things you can do this Valentines. Do explore and keep me posted!