As India is hastily progressing towards urbanisation as a result society is starting to experience its pessimistic fallout as the trends of violence in India is rising. Violence has subsisted in every society and in all civilisations, at a normal rate but, at present; the rising violence has taken a pathological form. Peculiarly; man has now become his own opponent by setting free the animal in him. If violence is not checked straight away many people will affect by the consequences. If mankind has to endure, aggression will have to be reduced by the help of Anger Management. The strength of pleasant co-existence will have to be completed to raise the standard of human behaviour.

To deal with the trouble of violence, we must first recognise the cause of violence. One of the major set off to violence by a person is ego. Any statement or act by those around the person can upset the individual’s ego and that result in the violent response. Apart from this, there are various other causes of violence such as aggravation, disclosure to violent media and violence in the house or neighbourhood. Some situations also boost the hazard of violence, such as insults, drinking, and other frustrations and ecological factors like overcrowding and heat. Slight arguments leading to violence are regularly reported in the Capital city of India.

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According to police reports, one in five murders in the capital are on immediate aggravation, which could be Road Rage, overtaking, fight over a food bill or minor car scratch etc. India has recorded an approximately 800 percent increase in the number of murders in the name of honour reported previous year, according to statistics presented in parliament.

The most regular inspiration for violence in India can be the vision as inept efforts to hold emotions. Frequently, violence is the means used by a person to explicitly convey their thoughts such as frustration, anger or sadness. Violent behaviour can also be exercised as a figure of reprisal; a way by which one employs to level the score. Violent actions are occasionally caused because inhabitants grow up seeing violence candidly displayed.

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Various people are killed due to increasing Violence in India in recent times such as

  • Deepak Bhandana a 25-year-old businessman was shot dead by an SUV driver after their vehicles side wiped each other in east Delhi on December 6, 2016
  • A 35-year-old vegetable vendor was murdered and a shopkeeper wounded after two men fired up shots at them after the shopkeeper’s scooter sweeps past the two in south-west Delhi’s Najafgarh on December 2, 2016

Ways to end violence in society

It’s very significant that we should be educated from a young age about the appropriate ways to hold our frustrations. By Educating our youth, community members, family members etc on the idea that violence is never the solution for any problem instead communicate effectively to stop an argument in any situation and encouraging youth for Anger Management. Schools can also support and educate youth to stop violence and how to deal with Youth Issues.

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