Most of the people after completing their graduation, want to go for a top business school by clearing one of the most famous competitive exams that is known as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Based on the GMAT good score one can easily take admission to top-ranked business school. GMAT high score can also make your application package stronger. But this test comes under one of the toughest tests that’s why also known as gatekeeper of MBA. GMAT prep takes lots of months to clear this exam with the best score.

Do you also want to know how to clear GMAT for taking admission in top-ranked business school then stay follow below-given mantras?


For GMAT prep, not only learning and practising all the concepts and tricks are important but being confident is more important and also increasing speed for solving every quant question with accuracy. For achieving such speed for solving quants, it is important to have daily practice session rather than only practising on weekends.

Creating NOTES

In GMAT there are so many questions asked that are based on different concepts. Most of the times it is difficult to remember concept for every question, that is why it is better to prepare notes book. This notes book will help you in understanding the concept of those questions that are difficult for you and will help before the exam in a quick review and also will reduce your list of weaknesses.


Timetable plays a great role while exam as it keeps you glued with your exam syllabus. As your exam starts coming closer start investing more time in your exam preparation and start preparing a timetable for executing your plan accurately. So it will be better if you will start choosing mock exam dates before the final exam for achieving a good score.

Previous year papers

As you start for GMAT prep, start collecting previous year’s papers for more and more practice of questions of a different concept. Start giving mock papers for more clarification of doubts and your weak points. The good thing about such kind of practice papers is that they use different algorithms for solving different questions, increases your time for solving any question and also such kind of papers include harder questions than the actual questions that will come in real exam. Do same question paper multiple times, this will broaden your mind and will improve your timing and ability to do a single question multiply.

Health Care

For achieving something big one should be strong not only mentally but physically also. One should always take care of his/her health because healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. During exam preparation, keep yourself hydrated; eat healthy green vegetables, fruits and salads. Dry fruits will keep your mind sharp and will also provide proper and important nutrition. Always take protein and vitamin-enriched foods that consists of all the important nutrients required by our health.

So without doing any delay start following GMAT prep unbeatable tips and achieve your goal of getting admission in top-ranked high business school for giving your career a better growth.