Famous for its Port wine and soccer team, Porto is the second-largest in Portugal, with a number of prestigious academic institutions in the city. Not just the universities in Porto that are known for their excellence in higher education, the city also has convenient means of transport for easy commute to universities and traveling in and around the city. Porto has a public transport network that comprises of metro trains, trams, buses, funiculars, and taxis. 

Porto Metro

The metro service of Porto is ideal for students looking forward to easy commute with 6 lines and 81 stations near their student accommodation porto. The service opens every day 6 am and the last train stopping by at about 1 am. The duration of trains is in every 4 to 15 minutes, depending on peak and non-peak hours. Student commuters can purchase the Porto Card or the Andante Tour Card to enjoy unlimited travel by the metro system. They can also purchase a single ticket that costs €1.20. 



Trams in Porto

Trams in Porto are more of a tourist attraction after being taken over by other means of transport like underground metros, buses, and trains operating for regions outside the city. There are three lines operating for tourists and students alike. The line 1 is the Infante-Passeio Alegre that runs from 9:30am – 6pm, the Line 18 is Massarelos-Carmo that runs from 9:15am – 7pm, and Line 22 from Carmo to Guindais Batalha which runs from 10am – 7pm. The city also has heritage streetcar to go down Porto’s cobbled streets in the city centre and explore it to the fullest.  


Buses in Porto

The local bus service operating in the city are useful means of transport to get to certain destinations, like Vila Nova de Gaia, where students can explore the city’s finest wineries. A single ticket will cost €1.85 with additional discounts for students on Porto Card or the Andante Tour travel card. The buses ply to the wineries from 6 AM and operated until 1 AM. 


The Funicular dos Guindais Porto

Inaugurated in 1891 and later renovated in 1994, Porto is also well-known for the many Funicular dos Guindais which are one of the major attractions in the city. Better known as The Guindais Funicular, this is regarded as an elegant means of transport that runs along a steep hill which is situated on the river bank and ends its journey at the top if the city in Batalha, Porto. Students can take this ride to get panoramic views of Porto’s medieval city walls, the various wine cellars, and the Dom Luís I Bridge, to name a few. The Funicular ride is available for just €2.50 which is the fare for one way journey atop the hill and same for the return trip as well. 

Porto Taxis 

If other commute options are not enough, then students have the option of hiring the beige or black with Green roof taxis. An average journey to the city center in taxi will cost between 4 and 6 euros. Taxis run on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (all day) and every day between 9 PM and 6 AM. International students can avail taxi services from and to Porto Airport which usually costs around €20.  

The aforementioned features of the public transport in Porto ensure students avail these facilities alongside comfortable student accommodationUniversity Living, the global student housing platform, stands true to its mission of providing a home for every student and also provide all needed virtual support.