Best Medicine For Pimples Cream

  1. Bio Resurge Anashwara Natural Rose Nourishing Cream For Soft And Smooth Skin And Remove Acne Marks 50gm

The exotic Rose Nourishing Cream contains vitamin E enriched with natural oils that helps in disinfecting the skin and leaves it looking fresh, subtle and soft. It is an excellent moisturizer that improve skin elasticity and rejuvenates skin cells.


  • Made from real roses with beautiful fragrance
  • Useful in soothing, cooling and moisturizing skin
  • Removes acne marks, freckles, spots and blemishes
  • light texture, easily absorbed in skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • For best results use with Bio Resurge’s Rose Body Lotion, Rose Face Pack and Gulab Jal

Key Ingredients: Rose extract (Rosa centifolia), Rose water (Rosa centifolia), Ghrit kumari gel (Aloe vera). Cream Base : Aqua, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Bees wax, Wheat germ oil.

2. DR JRK Siddha Eve Fresh Pimple Cure Cream 15 Gm

Indications : Pimples (acne) , Darkened skin around the neck and Seborrhea Composition : Each 5 gm contains extracts of : Ocimum basilicum 2 % Aloevera 0.2% Cream base QS

Mechanism of Action : Fights comedogenic formation Fights against Acne causing microbes Enhances exfoliation and desquamation Opens up pores of the skin

3. RUZ SKIN OINTMENT – Acne, Pimple Cream (Pack Of 3)

Zalim-X Ruz is a formulation that is prepared using testified Ayurvedic techniques and contains Neem extract, Sulphur (GANDHAK), Zinc Oxide (JASAT PUSHP), Boric Acid (TANKAN AMLA), Honge (KARANJ) Oil etc. This makes RUZ a guaranteed and effective cure for skin diseases, skin infections and normal wounds. Ruz acts in three ways as Protector, Healer and Antiseptic : PROTECTOR : Being an ointment base Ruz protects skin from being exposed to dust and infections HEALER : Jasat Pushp, Tankan Amla and Karanj Oil are strong germicides and thus makes healing quicker and effective ANTISEPTIC : Neem oil is time tested for its antiseptic properties. Hence, having the same in Ruz makes it useful as an antiseptic as well Indications when Ruz could be used: SKIN DISEASE: Pimples; Ulcers (Phode-Phunsi); Cracks on skin, heels, palms, under arms, nipples etc. SKIN INFECTION: Ringworm; Itches; Eczema;psoriasis etc SKIN INJURIES: Minor cuts; Burns; Boils; Scratches etc