Glove boxes have been used in the laboratories for the purpose of conducting various critical experiments where special environment is required for the purpose of conducting the experiments. Glove box is needed in different kinds of laboratories. From chemistry lab to biology lab, this type of laboratory equipment is needed in different places for the reason of attaining a different or specialized environment for an experiment. If you are looking for laboratory glove boxes, you shall come across many kinds of products. Different products come with different features and durability commitment. A few types of glove boxes have been discussed in the following section of this article.

Basic Isolation Glove Box

This type of glove box has been designed with plastic. These glove boxes are used for the isolation purposes. For example, there are certain chemicals which are considered as reactive in nature. Under natural temperature and pressure level, they can take part into chemical reaction and eventually get wasted. In order to preserve such materials or chemicals or elements, it is important to have isolation glove box in the modern laboratories. Not just preserving chemicals, this type of glove box is also used for preserving the biochemical as well as pathological samples. Contamination can damage the samples. In order to keep the samples isolated from the contamination, such glove boxes are used.

Portable Glove Box

You can also find the portable glove boxes, which are required when there are more than one laboratory rooms. In many cases, the glove box needs to be moved to another place. Samples are taken at one place, and then it has been sent to another place. In order to do this thing, portability is regarded as an important factor. Portability is regarded as an important factor for glove boxes. Not all of them offer good portability features. If you want portable glove box, you need to find the boxes that are smaller in size and offer the best portability features.

Stainless Steel Glove Box

You can also find stainless steel glove boxes at different laboratories. Since they are heavy in terms of weight, they are not easy to be transported from one place to another. However, stainless steel glove boxes have some advantages too. They offer excellent durability. Stainless steel is regarded as sturdy metal, which does not acquire rust like iron. Hence, it lasts for a long time. Stainless steel glove boxes are safe to be used in any kinds of laboratories.

Vacuum Glove Box

In many cases, people need to store chemicals or samples in vacuum environment. They need oxygen free environment and vacuum glove box provides that with perfection. Not just oxygen free environment, humid free environment, contamination free environment and any specific gas free environment can be obtained with such glove box. Since such glove boxes have multipurpose use, they are found in different laboratories.

Electrostatic Controlled Glove Boxes

For semi conduction manufacturing and microchip manufacturing industry, this type of glove box has been required. This is another common type of glove box that can be made with plastic to offer portability.