To update your home’s flooring is one of the finest ways to enhance its value. Even though design trends are most of the times changing, you can never go wrong with a good wood floor.  Fortunately, installing Wood Flooring in Boise is not really a too difficult job as long as you have the right guidance, tools, knowledge and of course patience.

But it is also true that installing wood flooring can appear like an intimidating task for a homeowner, and this is true that not everyone is up to this challenge.  If you are thinking how to install wood flooring then you are at the right place. But remember, it is smart to work yourself but sensible to also take guidance of professionals. A gorgeous wood floor is the result of vigilant planning and some significant expertise.

Inspect Your Subfloor

If your subfloor is in bad condition, putting down wood flooring won’t help. You require to have a relatively level subfloor, and any alterations in height has to be less than 3/16″over a 6′ distance. There are a few different ways to settle down a subfloor. The most effective and easy scenario unrolls when wood is not anchored down very well. Here, adding a trickle of screws takes care of issue. More radical measures encompass planning the joists or even that of installing an extra layer of plywood along with a right filer to gain consistency.

Adjust the Wood

You know enhanced moisture causes wood to expand while less moisture would trigger the wood to contract. This is known as wood movement. It is significant for hardwoods to adapt in the space where they are going to be installed. Wood that is not completely acclimated is going to result in gaps during the winter and perhaps shrinking at summers. To evade this, open and spread out all the boxes for nearly a week, and be sure to run AC or even that of heat at normal levels. Never store the wood in a moisture-oriented environment such as your unfinished basement.

How to install wood flooring

Remember that after you have done proper acclimation, even then wood will expand or contract as moisture degrees change. It is the reason why it is significant to leave about a 1/4″ gap near the border of your install. Never worry, it is concealed with moulding or baseboard. In case moisture is a chief worry for your area, talk to professionals and let them help you with the apt options. They might suggest you options like engineered wood, as various of these do not require acclimation. So, since you know a bit about How to install wood flooring Boise, you can get started!


Thus, wood flooring Idaho falls is amazing for your space if you do it the right way. Try it yourself and do not hesitate to take professional guidance if needed.