Moving is the beginning of a new adventure for the whole family, but it’s also a real challenge to plan, especially if you have children. Rest assured: we have created a complete guide to organize your move with confidence. Involving young and old alike will be one of the best ways to limit stress, as well as planning in advance the logistical issues and steps to take during a move. So how do you prepare for a family move? Follow the guide to organize your move like a pro!

What to do when we move?

Set your to-do list well in advance so you can complete it as you go and avoid last-minute emergencies and also hire a professional man and van fulham. This will allow you to realize your little mistakes early enough to solve them without worrying you. Divide your moving list into several sections will help you better manage and maintain your goals easily, while tracking your progress as moving Day approaches. So, what to do when moving? Ask yourself the following questions to prepare for a move without forgetting anything:

  • Make the boxes When, how, with what equipment and means of transport? Friends, family: who will be available to give you a hand?
  • Administrative issues What are your responsibilities as a landlord or tenant (bills to pay, deposit to recover, etc.)? What are the steps to take during a move?
  • Cleaning and works Is your new home already habitable? Is work needed before you move in?
  • Deadlines and deadlines When do you want these tasks to be completed? What are the deadlines for your administrative procedures or your work?

How to prepare for your move with children?

Moving is both exciting and scary, even for children. The more you involve them in the organization of the move, the more things will be done smoothly. When you talk about the move, always be positive: tell them about their new room and the walks and activities you can do as a family, or follow moving with kids.

Likewise, involve them as much as possible in the preparation of the move. They will probably not be able to help you much in the administrative steps to make when moving, but there is no reason they cannot get their hands dirty to clean the house and make the boxes. They can have fun packing things (bubble wrap is always a hit with little ones and older ones!), Sorting toys, labeling cards and closing them.

The priority in any move: make the boxes

What to do when we move and everything remains to be done? Start by packing your belongings. It’s never too early to pack! Anything that is not used on a daily basis can be stored in boxes to prepare for your move in advance. The more you do it in advance, the less stressful the move will be during the last days. This includes among other things your children’s toys, which are often difficult to package. Are you worried that your children will pout when they see their toys disappear in the boxes? Leave them their blanket and one or two of their favorite toys, and occupy them with some manual activities on weekends before the move. But If you are going to hire House Removal Guildford  then it will also help you to decrease your burden in a very reasonable price.

List essential contacts to prepare for your move

A number of administrative tasks need to be completed to organize the move effectively. Make a list of contacts to inform about your move and tick them as you go. Here are some examples of establishments and companies to contact to organize your move:

  • Public service companies (gas, electricity)
  • Internet and television providers
  • Banks, Insurance Companies
  • Subscriptions and deliveries of all kinds (magazines, monthly box)
  • Schools, various activities, gyms, etc.

How to clean home before a move?

Discovering one’s new, clean home is a real pleasure when moving in, so be sure to clean the home you are leaving to give your successors the same opportunity! This can also save you a cleaning fee if you are a renter. So, what to do during a move to leave your old home as impeccable as you would like to find your new home? This list of household tasks highlights the main areas not to forget, but you are free to add!

  • Make dust in every corner, including the ceiling
  • Vacuum after moving furniture, if possible
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean and wax the floor
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen (yes, including the oven), the bathroom and the toilets
  • Clean interior built-in cupboards, cabinets and storage cabinets. You can use Lotus tissues soaked with cleaner to clean the nooks effectively.