You have seen them in old movies and books and may remember a family member who mowed with them. These machines are not just for the past. Although they may not be the best lawn mower in this century, they are great for working without gas or electricity.

They offer modern users some very real benefits, and the best part is that many have new, advanced features to make the mowing experience even better. However, it can be difficult to find the best reel mower, considering how many reel mowers are available. Let’s get down to business and see what surrounds these seemingly simple mowers.

What is a reel mower?

In this type of mower, the knives are mounted parallel to the ground on a central axis that rotates when the mower is pushed forward. With this type of knife, the mowing blades cut grass by cutting it off. The end result is a clean cut that is even.

This type of cutting is actually healthier for the grass than the rotor blade used on all other lawn mowers. Rotary blades tear or shear the grass, creating rugged edges that can cause the grass to be prone to insects or health problems.

Why should you buy one?

Lawn: With a pusher mower your lawn looks much nicer overall. Professional ground handlers use cylinder mowers for this reason. Not only are reel mowers quiet because they have no gas / electric motors, they also produce a soothing clipping noise. This may sound strange, but it can be very meditative to mow the lawn with a reel mower as it cuts off and repeats.

Security: Traditional mowers have hundreds of security risks. Every year it is reported that people have injured themselves or their loved ones by a lawnmower accident. A common injury is that the hands / toes of a child are run over. The design of the reel mower minimizes these disasters as the blades only rotate when you push the mower.

Disadvantages of ownership:

Effort: Using a reel mower requires more energy as you not only need to push the mower forward, but also push it at a reasonable speed to allow the blades to move fast enough to cut the grass.

Not ideal for large lawns: The cutting width of spindle mowers is very low between 9 and 16 inches. Therefore, mowing a large lawn would take a long time, but for some people this may be okay.

The best cylinder mower from 2022:

At the first test you would think that all cylinder mowers are the same, but that is certainly not the case. Each of the mowers listed below has some additional features or is commendable in terms of overall design / usability. We tried to select mowers that fall in all price ranges. In general, reel mowers are less than any other type of mower.

Final thoughts:

Spindle mowers are a unique mower breed in that they look outdated, but in fact they are still a very viable option. The descriptions above have only addressed a few key points, but if you want to know more about a particular mower, you should be sure.