Having a beautiful home is everyone’s dream; to make this dream come true, you burn the candle from both ends, invest all life savings in buying the best stuff, decoration pieces, curtains, accessories, grocery, furniture, upholstery and what not.

But most of the people get confused while choosing a flooring type. Of course, it becomes challenging to select the best when each type is better than the previous one.  As far as flooring is concerned, hardwood flooring is the most persistent, evergreen, and durable type of flooring that goes perfectly well with contemporary and vintage home structures.

Hardwood installation is an expensive and complex project. Things become more complicated when you do not do homework before hiring a hardwood Flooring contractor.

This article is a thorough guide to get the best hardwood installation in a reserved budget and time range.

Reliable Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Prepare the room for installation

Hiring the contractor without preparing your selected area for installation is nothing but time wastage for both parties.  Therefore, it’s necessary to do some homework.

There are three things you need to do.

  1. Collect all essential equipment
  2. Clear the previous floor and clean the underlying
  3. Select the type of hardwood flooring wisely

The first two steps are easy to do. It’s going to take 2-3 hours to get this work done. But the 3rd task, (selection of the specific type) can be difficult. For your convenience, I will be giving a list of prominent hardwood flooring types so; you can select one according to your choice and home structure.

Common types of hardwood flooring

This catalog contains all prominent styles of hardwood flooring that you can count on to make a better decision.


Walnut is one of the most expensive hardwood flooring types. Its available in many color variants most popular among them is a dark brown with an appearance of swirling grains and shades of violet hue that makes it more attractive.

Walnut is a mind-blowing choice for rooms with lots of natural light and upper stories precisely due to its lightweight.  This type of flooring is very durable and can last up to 20-25 years without any specific upkeep requirements.

Note:  walnut is not a good option of dining rooms and kitchen where chairs are moved back and forth again and again that spoil its sleekness and produce cracks in it.


Maple is a cost-effective type of flooring. It comes in a lighter tone with a grainy texture that adds to its charismatic look. It looks stunning, can bear the noise. Substantial effects and is light-resistant. It’s the best choice for kitchens and dining rooms due to all these features. But it’s not suitable for upper portions due to its relatively heavyweight.


Cherry is an expensive hardwood flooring type yet the most popular in America. The most reliable cherry is American cherry, also known as “black cherry.”

It’s a soft hardwood but gives dependable dimensional stability.  It has strong photosensitivity as well, that makes it a perfect destination for rooms that face direct sunlight.  Moreover, cherry doesn’t need that much maintenance. It remains tip-top with regular cleaning.

Besides, it’s a good option for people having kids and pets because it doesn’t get easily scratched by the pet’s paw and can bear all the activities of your innocent child.


Oak is available in two color variants, white oak, and red oak. The main difference between them is, red oak is dark and gives a neutral look. While white oak gives a pale brown look that specifically suits traditional and vintage home styles.

Douglas fir

The perfect option for tree houses and upper stories.  Douglas fir is a mixture of orange and brown color that gives your hone a natural, comfortable, and rusty look. This tree grows quite longer rapidly, that enables you to get long wooden strips for a uniform look.

The only drawback of this flooring style is that it’s too soft and give minimum dimensional stability. Therefore, it needs appropriate upkeep and care to stay beautiful and stable.


Birch has gained much popularity over the year in all types of home structures and commercial areas, as well. Its yellowish cuisine with dark brown shadows looks fantastic. It’s commonly used in commercial and residential areas. Therefore, it is quite affordable.

It is light-resistant and stain-resistant, but the inner side of the birch is too soft and unstable that is exposed to scratches cracks. Therefore it’s not a good option for the kitchen, living room, and dining room. It’s better to install birch in places with the least humidity content.


These things are essential to be considered while hiring a Local Custom Wood Flooring Contractor Huntington Beach CA .  It will save the time of both parties and will help you the best job done at precise time and price.