If you want to create your website, you need to have files on your web server. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server or hosting environment that is configured to look like a dedicated server. It increases your website performance and doesn’t let the third-party attack you.

If you’re a small business, a VPS server can benefit you in many ways. Not only for small business but it’s also beneficial for corporate enterprises. Now that you have learned what is VPS, let’s see what the pros and cons are of using VPS.




Before you start using your VPS, it’s important to know its benefits to your business. Below I have highlighted it for you:


  1. Customization: A VPS server lets you have your own operating system. You can customize your VPS plan according to your business needs and also eliminate the features that aren’t required by your team.
  2. It’s Cheap: The reason why VPS hosting is reaching the peak is that it’s less expensive as compared to other solutions. If you use a dedicated plan, you’ll find it more expensive as it will have its own physical server.
  3. Scalable: On your VPS server, you have enough space available anytime for RAM. You can even start VPS with minimum resources and upgrade to the advanced plan later. This helps you to avoid paying for excessive resources when it’s not needed.




While there are some pros of using VPS, there are also some cons that you should always consider while installing VPS hosting.


  1. Uncontrollable: VPS uses several web applications like forums, eCommerce or chat systems. So, due to the enormous traffic it attracts, the server can sometimes become uncontrollable.
  2. Limitations: Some VPS server might have limited RAM or server disk space.


Reasons Why Do You Need a Virtual Private Server?


  1. You’ve Outnumbered Shared Hosting


If the traffic on your website is continuously growing, then you need to upgrade your plan from shared hosting to VPS hosting. It will control the flow of traffic and help you to scale better optimization.


  1. You Require More Control on your Hosting Plan


With a VPS server, you can have great control over your setup as compared to the other hosting plans. If you want to choose the operating system according to the requirements, you can select the dedicated one.

  1. Your Website Needs More Bandwidth


Upgrading your website to VPS hosting decrease the loading time of your website. Shared hosting is good only when your website is small and doesn’t contain enough content and images. But if you decide to scale your website, it’s the hosting plan that you need to consider first.


  1. You Have an ECommerce Store


An eCommerce store requires more security than any other online business in the world. People trust your brand and submit payment online via payment gateways. So, a VPS server is necessary before you start your online store. Having a VPS ensures a secure and dedicated server which can let you pass the PCI compliance test easily.


  1. You Work for External Clients


If you’re a freelance web designer and create websites for your clients, having a website will let you host the unlimited number of domains.




Now that you know what VPS is, what are the pros and cons and the reasons to use VPS, it’s a great time to switch your hosting now. Although there are some cons of using VPS you can see the pros has outnumbered the cons way better.


If you own a small business and want to keep your system free from hackers, prying of competitors and want a smooth-running website, then VPS is the way to go.


I hope this blog resolves all the running queries in your mind. If you have more questions to ask regarding VPS, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.