Are you planning to go to some of the top business schools in US? Then you must have heard about GRE exams and how they are conducted. The internet is flooded with the details and the eligibility and all other details of the exam. You also get to know that what a good score is and how you get one. But how many of know when not to give a GRE exam?

GRE is considered as an important exam for all those who are thinking of applying to masters’ courses in international universities. For business related courses, it is GRE and for other there is GMAT. This is a standardized test that is set up by the Educational Testing Service.

When to Take A GRE Exam?

The ideal time to take the GRE exam is to follow the admission deadline of the Universities you are applying to. Ideally you should have the GRE score with you and apply it along with other admissions documents. In case you don’t have your scores by then, then you are advised to delay your admissions by one year. Once you get your GRE scores they are valid up to 5 years and within that time you can apply at multiple universities with the same score. The best way is to ask your admissions councilor when you should apply with your GRE scores. Many universities ask almost a year earlier, which means you should start taking GRE coaching in delhi from 6 months to a year before that.

What Happens When You Miss an Admission Deadline?

Sometimes it is good to miss an application deadline and focus solely on your studies. If you are thinking of delaying the test or missing the deadline, make sure you know how many chances you have for applying within a year. For some graduate programs you can apply only once a year while other schools lets you apply twice a year. In many other Universities you can apply 4 times a year in every season; summer, spring, fall and winter.

What Happens When You Need to Take a GRE Exam For a Second Time?

It is generally good to focus on your studies and concentrate on getting a good GRE coaching in delhi. When you do not get enough GRE score, there are chances that you might have to take another one. According to ETS you can take the computer generated test once in every 21 days, but only 5 times in a year. Waiting for 21 days can be quite unnerving when there is an admission pressure on your head and hence aspirants make sure they well and get it done in their first try. Furthermore you should also keep in mind that it takes 10-15 days to get the GRE results. So basically you are waiting 21 days plus the 15 days needed to see your results. But, do not be disheartened if you do not. You can always give it again! But no matter when you take the preparation of such an exam is intense and requires hours of hard work and coaching.