Web Development

Acknowledge that your enterprise is prevailing at a time when, for consumers, shopping equals ‘Googling’. Be it for property acquiring or picking branded garments, searching over the internet appears as the foremost venture that every modern-day customer undertakes prior to actualizing a purchase.

Round about 4 billion ‘quests’ are carried out over Google by a daily pace with more than 2.5 billion consumers staying ‘online’ for 24*7. Thus, at this very moment the venture of surpassing rivals requires you to outrank them at the search engine.

The better you perform over this aspect, magnified is the probability of your brand becoming the most preferred one within ‘citizens’ in place of a rival commerce.

Well then, what this ‘outranking’ comprises? At par with a prominent Singapore web development company, it is the essential effort of achieving a higher ‘rank’ at the first SERP or Search Engine Result Page of Google and maintaining it for a good-enough phase.

As a matter of fact, 93% of ‘citizens’ availing Google do not feel the ‘impulse’ of ‘turning over’ the second page and, as depict the deft professionals of Vision Web Creations, websites existing there hold a negligible 6% chance of getting ‘clicked’.

Therein, while devising the strategy of leaving behind competitors of parent industrial genre, prime should be your attempt to accomplish a higher rank than them within the first 10 results displayed by Google.

That, in consequence, fetches for your commerce’s website:

  • Around 7X quotient more of quality traffic
  • 92% likelihood of that percentage getting ‘converted’


  • Increase in sales by 50%

What cites the best web development services in Singapore is that your website should be optimized for Google or aligned with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module.

To guarantee own prominent status at Google, abiding by to the essential SEO norms and standards that the popular-est search engine resorts to for ascertaining one definite website’s suitability to rank amidst its ‘Top 10’becomes your ultimate path to progress over the World Wide Web.

The Web Development Hacks that Matter Here

In accordance to a veteran Singapore web development company, with regards to website devising, in 2019, the SEO module is essentially focused over catering futuristic User Experience (UX) to consumers over the digital platform.

Vital are also the requisites of ensuring smooth and swift navigation over all gadgets present, displaying more localized search results and endowing ‘citizens’ with content that is classy and comprehensive as well.

At this backdrop, the under-mentioned criterion appear as your optimum guidelines for Twenty Nineteen:

Mobile Compatibility at First

Aren’t you nowadays more habituated to utilize own ‘smart phone’ every time crops up the requisite to access the World Wide Web? Learn that same is the gesture preferred by almost all of your consumers.

As reveal the statistics, over 98% of the international consumer fraternity most readily opts for own Android gadget to ‘Google’ and thereby land up at a website. And a striking 95% of them proceed to realize a ‘buy’.

This, in consequence, has ‘stimulated’ the engine to adopt the approach of Mobile First Index in gas a benchmark to decide upon your ‘ranking’.

To state in a clarified manner, it is the module of criterion Google avails to check the quality of one site’s atonement with prevalent mobile-type devices.

Are the uploaded contents (both text and video) completely interpretable and functional over the gadgets by the standard maintained at desktop? Do all the plug-ins fittingly work at the mobile site? Is the version Search Console verified and indexed with app association files? How much handy is navigation in relation to the spontaneous finger movement of mobile users?

— All such queries and many more fall within the ‘checklist’.

So, to gain attention from Google, you must be mobile-suited. And how to do that?

Well, in here few distinctive suggestions are put forward:

  • Make sure the menu is a smart and slick one that displays only the most important sections, includes links to other significant landing pages and organizes content in a fine-to-view pattern
  • Try putting up the relevant Call to Action (CTA) key of each page at its sure-to-notice part and structure those through mind-affecting fonts and bright colors; such a strategy ensures recognition of important CTAs and, in effect, more of conversion for your portal
  • Every image incorporated within the framework of your ‘live’ site must be configured with alt attributes
  • Meta descriptions and titles displayed at the desktop site can be written in a summarized style to let fit within the narrow screen; but make sure that the meaning remains exact and all significant keywords are included; it is worthy to mention in this regard the tip of content experts about utilizing more of conversational phrases like ‘Where’s it’ instead of ‘Where it is’ for mobile-based content
  • Devise such browsing keys, which cater to the spontaneity of mobile users over using the thumb and pointer finger for surfing and thus save them from the agony of ‘zooming in’ and screwing up eyes to read your content
  • That the read-pieces are easily craw able and index able at par with the standards maintained by Google’s crawl spider and are not made hazy or obscured by the social sharing tools; do include the buttons of Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc but in an understated manner
  • The domain is incorporated with more and more of effective mobile switchboard tags and retains minimal of those ‘sign-in’ fields and, at best, no forms ;the last factor especially helps you to collaborate with the infrastructure of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Your site is internationally validated and works over a streamlined module of CSS to be legible for the AMP functionality

Basing upon the reality of potential consumers spending more than 16 hours per week to search via their hand-held gizmos, the mobile first strategy is gradually gaining ground as Google’s eminent measure of determining domain’s search engine position.

URL That is Interpretable and Connecting

Learn that your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or to say simply, the address to your site is analyzed by Google to understand your brand’s essence and thus ‘link’ most appropriate customers to you.

And over this aspect, ‘no-complexity’ is the standard maintained by Google. According to a pro Singapore web development company,it is one of the impulsive habits of ‘citizens’ to skim through a domain’s URL first and therein ‘land’ upon it.

Way too difficult word sequence or inclusion of special characters and numbers make it a chore for consumers to understand your web identity and thereupon ‘what’s on offer’. Increases their inclination to skip you and arrive as traffic to another portal serving the alike product or service.

Can you sense what this implies? Yes, loosing ground to competitors at the first SERP and eventually getting ‘pushed back’ at that dreaded second ‘page’ by Google.

Remember, the search domain abides by users’ likings. If your very address is not interpretable by them, then the scope of accomplishing ‘Google preference’ is negligible.

Thus, endeavor to shape a simple but adept-to-connect-with domain URL by pursuing tactics like:

  • Include your prime targeted keyword in the URL so that the focused-over consumers instantly notices it
  • Use hyphens in-between words to make the address all the more noticeable; Example: tips-to-pick-a-web-designer
  • Place your finest content in the root folder and thus allow the URL infrastructure to emphasize upon it
  • Do not incorporate more than 2-4 readily understandable words into the address and avoiding capital letters as a ground-rule for the fact of URLs being inherently case-sensitive
  • Avail the canonical tag to showcase to Google that ‘version’ of your URL that leads ‘citizens’ to your web pages’ master copies and therein save from being penalized for ‘duplicate’ or ‘likewise’ content as may appear over addresses similar to yours, like-
  • https://www.example.com
  • http://example.com
  • Resort to robots.txt for blocking those ‘creative’ but bad URLS that refer to your canonical URL and thus prevent Google from selecting the unoriginal address

An Integrity of Accreditation

‘Safe to open and browse’ – this remains a major benchmark of Google for placing sites within own ‘Top 10’ results. And how to abide by this requisite?

The sound way for you to go in this regard is that of availing a SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certification. It encompasses tiny data files, which transform your commerce’s sensitive data into cryptographic key and thus saves it from third party encroachment during any kind of transmission or sharing.

Via these files, consumers too gain assurance about the protection of their financial information and can trouble-freely ‘sign in’ and interact with you.

Note that with the advancement of time, it is turning into apparently a regulation for Chrome to recognize those portals as ‘unsecured’, whose web addresses lack the HTTPS mark.

According to a distinguished web development agency Singapore, such an aspect much negatively impacts upon your search portal ‘status’ and can emerge as the sole factor of degrading it – even when your domain possesses all other cutting-edge attributes.

Thereupon attempt to acquire a SSL acknowledgement from one well-known digital marketing firm nearby to you and in a cost-effective maneuver, earn the recognition of being browse-time fitting from world’s biggest search portal.

Pursuing Best Practices of

  1. Streamlining your UI by keeping only the most essential plug-ins and features and doing away with the frequently and never used ones
  2. Ensuring that the Side Menu is clutter free and furnished with only the most essential tools
  3. Embedding own domain with the module of Block-Chainto filtrate the trouble of click fraud, secure arrival of well-enough percentage of potential-to-convert traffic to the portal, recognize whether, by a persistent basis, clicks are arriving over one particular advertisement from a same source – this is one ‘scam’ strategy mostly availed by your competitors to exhaust your investment over promotional campaigns
  4. Configuring own keyword module at par with the trending Voice Search texture

so, as your domain uploads swiftly and succeeds to gratify that 80% ‘citizens’, who always pursue for UX that is quality and holistic.

Be optimized and desirable for those 93% of regular online shoppers, whose web journey begins with a Google search.