Being the Dental Specialist in Gurgaon, People have always asked me this question, “Which one is the better approach for them Implants or Crown and what is their success rate? “. First, I will explain to you their meaning and the related terms. The main term that comes under is Dentistry. Dentistry is a branch of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment which comes in dental and oral. The best dentists in Gurgaon take very good care of your dental problems and provide suggestions to you what intake of foods you should follow so that you don’t have any cavity problems.

Dental pain is worse than any other pain. Dental problems are not funny in any sense, but you can prevent them by doing brush twice in a day ( one in the night and one in a day), flossing daily, eating properly, and regular dental check-up.

The most common dental problems are:

  1. Tooth decay: It is also called Cavities. You can get cavities at any age. Cavities mean your tooth enamel is getting eroded and faded away. This could happen by having lots of sugar and starch food.
  2. Bad breath: The medical term of bad breath is halitosis. That is a bad thing if you have bad breath because that means you have a dental problem. Bad breath is related to oral problems.
  3. Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity means having pain after eating sweets, cold air, hot drinks, cold drinks or ice creams. Tooth sensitivity is the most common dental problem.

The best dental clinic in Gurgaon has a deal with every dental problem other than these three most common dental problems. They deal with ease and have great success. Now, talk about the real question, Crowns or Implants? Post and core crowns are the type of dental fillings and are used to restore the function of missing tooth structure. Dentists do this very carefully because a minor mishap can be dangerous to your teeth. They have to very careful about the length of the crown. There are different types of materials a dental clinic in Gurgaon used: Non-metallic, ceramic, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc. The post is a small rode that is inserted in a root space of the tooth. Why rode is used in the post? To hold the fillings or core. The core is the fillings which fill the missing tooth structure for making a crown. An example of a crown is:

Implants or crowns are similar to each other. Both fill the gap of a missing tooth. Crown is an example of an implant. Dental implants use bridge, denture, other than the crown. The success depends upon the health of a patient or the medicines which has no side effects on the patient. The issue a patient can face is excessive bleeding, nerve injury, etc. An example of an implant:

With proper care, both crown and implants could have a long life. The dental clinic in Gurgaon takes full responsibility for your dental care and give you perfect drugs to slow down your pain. By visiting regularly for cleansing of your teeth. The intake of foods is important. Take hygienic food no sugar or chips to prevent your tooth. Take good care of your teeth, you are the only one who can do that because the best dental specialist in Gurgaon can only suggest you but you have to follow the suggestions. Have alternatives foods if you are cravings for fast foods, this is the one solution. Best wishes!!