It can be a strenuous activity to search for a reliable commercial floor company. You have to consider a lot of factors and questions before you make your final decision. The first thing that the employees observe after entering the office in the morning is the floor. The floor of your company is a very big part of visual branding and it affects the insights of your services. For this, commercial flooring is the right option and here are few questions that you should ask commercial flooring contractors before you make your final decision because installing a new floor is a big investment and therefore it should be long-lasting.

Questions to Ask the Contractors to Make Your Final Choice:

Mentioned below are a few questions that will help you to get a lot of information about the company that you are planning to hire, and this will make your decision process easier.

#1. What Is the Track Record of The Company?

The first thing that you should ask the commercial flooring contractors is about the track record of the company. Take references from the company and always remember that a reliable company will always give you positive reviews from the past customers and they will also be keen to provide their portfolios so that you can check their work at any point in time with previous customers. You can also check out the reviews on their website and this will help you to know the experiences of the past clients with the company.

#2. Does the Company Have Proper Insurance and Certifications?

Commercial floor installation is a big investment and you need to make sure that everything goes right. A small mistake can cause huge havoc. Always ask the commercial flooring contractors to show their certifications and license. Ask them to give you a copy of the certificate to make sure that the company you choose has a proper license for the work they do. Taking services from an uncertified company can lead to major issues and uncalled problems.  Also, make sure that the installer will be held responsible for any kind of damages.

#3. What Types of Flooring Options Are Available?

Always make sure that the company you choose should always provide a wide choice of flooring options so that you can choose the best ones from the list according to your taste and beliefs. Always take guidance and help from the commercial flooring contractors to get adequate information on the advantages of different flooring options and the ones that will suit your workplace. Your contractor should provide you with two flooring options- Hardwood and resilient flooring choices. Hardwood floors include- reclaimed hardwood, stained/raw/finished hardwood, and FSC certified hardwood. The resilient floor options include- Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl composition tile, etc.

#4. Can the Contractor Handle Issues Relate to Subfloors?

The successful installation of flooring includes a successfully prepared subfloor. The commercial flooring contractors should have proper experience and skills to recognize whether the subfloor is in good condition or not. New floor installations have to be done if a subfloor is damaged. You can also repair it. Do your research thoroughly and check whether your contractor specializes in handling subfloor problems and damages. Preparing a strong subfloor is a very essential part of floor installation.

#5. Does the Company Offer Proper Guidelines for Maintenance?

Commercial flooring contractors should always provide you with the best possible instructions and guidance to safeguard your new floor. For example, a company should provide you information regarding the repairs that you can do under the warranty policy of the company. There may be certain specific instructions depending on the type of floor that has been used for installation. Therefore, make sure that you are completely educated about its maintenance and care!

You should always ask these questions and take professional help before you choose any floor installing contractors. The obtained answers will help you to make the best decision for your office.