Biological safety cabinet which is sometimes referred to as a biosafety cabinet is an enclosed space in a laboratory that is meant to be contamination free and is used to work on a very sensitive matter that is already contaminated mainly from pathogens. The purpose of the biosafety cabinet is to not let the infectious agent run free the surroundings and putting the people working at the laboratory at risk of contamination.

These biosafety cabinets use HEPA filtered air and ultraviolet lights to prevent any dangers of contamination. Although the dust particles cannot be removed by ultraviolet lights, other chemical formulas are used to get rid of them and making the biosafety cabinet a contamination free zone.

The biological safety cabinetis divided into three different classes. These three different classes are listed below.

BSCs Class I

It is an open front negative pressure cabinet. It uses a HEPA filter. It provides with the environment and personnel protection but no product protection.

BSCs Class II

This class is basically very similar to the previous BSCs class I, it is an open front and air ventilated cabinet which also uses a HEPA filter for air. It provides all personnel, environment and product protection.

BSCs Class III

It is a closed and ventilated cabinet that is designed gas-tight. It uses HEPA filters for air supply and also uses the attached rubber gloves while using it. It uses two HEPA filters to exhaust air which is put in a sequence. It has its own separate exhaust fan other than the whole facility.

It is based on the requirements of the laboratory that what kind of biological safety cabinet they require. They have to choose one of the three classes of bi safety cabinets according to their personal requirements and what their operations in the laboratory demands. The requirement of biological safety cabinets is fully dependent on the level of operation that is being done in the laboratory. There can be many factors that can influence the choice of biological safety cabinets. Some of these factors are listed below.

Based on the safety level

The choice of biosafety filter is dependent on the level of safety it offers. The requirement for every laboratory is different based on the level of operations taking place in the laboratory.

Based on the HEPA filter

The HEPA filter is used for supply and exhausting of air. It is a big factor while considering to buy a biosafety cabinet.

Based on cleanability

it is very important to keep the laboratory equipment clean especially something like a biosafety cabinet, which is specifically used for the purpose of creating a contamination free zone. It is a very important factor to know if it is easily cleanable or not.

Based on classification

The classification of biosafety cabinets is defined for different purposes and it is a huge determinant to look for before selecting a new one to buy.