For experiencing a wealth of experiences in living and learning which you will cherish for the rest of your life you must switch to a boarding school.

For the parents it isn’t easy to send the joy of their life to a boarding school neither is it easy for the kids to go to one, leaving friends, and family, to live a life all alone. There have been enough arguments in the past on this. No matter how many times there were disagreement of people on whether one should go to a boarding school or not, one thing has always been ruled out; boarding schools do turn kids into mature responsible humans and citizens.

There are many factors on the basis of which one decides to go to a boarding school. If you are a parent or student you then you too must keep these things in mind to consider and compare:

Attention to the students

The class sizes are generally smaller that help teachers engage and engage every student in the classroom. The setting in the classroom is done as such that it specifically encourages student participation and the eye contact among everyone in class.

Quality of the faculty members

The majority of the people have advanced degree in their subject as they do not get the job so easily at boarding institutions.

Quality of resources

The student resources at the boarding school such as the arts facilities, athletic complexes, and libraries are often better than those at the college and universities.

Challenging academics/Prepares for the college

The academics at the boarding schools operate at high levels. The students are encouraged to question and discuss variety of subject matter in the environment where it is super cool to learn.

In a boarding school shaping the minds and the decisions of the children is the responsibility of the teachers and the faculty members. Which is why since a child is admitted to a boarding school till he/she graduates the boarding school provides proper guidance and support to all the students. There are in-house counselling departments which are well staffed and are well educated. The counsellors there have a plenty of experience in helping the applicants identify and verify the appropriate schools and advising them on admissions to competitive institutions. Colorado Rocky Mountain School is a boarding school situated in Colorado; United States is one institution that challenges all the students to excel in the academic curriculum within a program of the arts, service to the community, physical work, athletics and enriching the wilderness experience. Apart from this the children are even backed up with the support and the right information on which school to college to choose for further education and why? All the boarding schools around the world start counselling the students in their school beginning from the earlier classes only so that it helps the students in making wiser decisions earlier in life.

You will get to live away from home

It is never easy for a kid to leave the safe environment early during school time. But the earlier it is the better it is for the parents as well as the children. Once there is certain kind of a gap between parents and kid in terms of distance then neither can become emotionally dependent on the other.

You will learn to be responsible for yourself

In a boarding school children do not live within their safe and protected environment and so they have to face every kind of a person and handle differently and maturely. Getting along with everyone is the only way to live in harmony and happily. Children get responsible for their actions as there is no one to backup their wrongful doings.

Boarding schools prepare children for life after school

At boarding school not just the educational experience but personal and education growth is also very important. Research has shown that the children come out to be more responsible and alert as compared to other who study in public and private institutions. Also, in boarding schools children prepare themselves for the competition and opportunities better than anyone else.

The libraries/media centres are all very well stocked

In boarding schools, students have a lot of free time after the school hours and so to keep them involved and busy the boarding schools have fully stocked libraries that are fully equipped with the best boos and collection of some of the famous authors.

Extra-curricular activities to enjoy your free time

Theatre, language courses, dance classes, cultural tours, sports, group travelling and everything is promoted in a boarding school. The extra-curricular activities lead to overall mental and physical development of the child. Because to participate in them not only the children put in their efforts whole-heartedly but also get involved from head to toe.

Boarding schools foster independence

Since the early years in life children must be taught how to live independently and asked to take their decisions on their own. Sending your child to a boarding school would mean giving him/her the freedom to live independently and freely. Boarding schools prepare the children for taking good decisions in the future too.