Why choose C# why not Java

There are many reasons to choose C# because it is used for creating a variety of applications. This language based on the OOps concept. And there are several advantages of C# just because of OOps. 

Since before the globe Wide internet was out and concerning, programmers have idolized to the discussion over that language square measure higher. What began as a discussion over that had easier syntax has evolved quite a bit. nowadays you will be curious about what to develop your applications in C# or Java? Let’s take a glance at the profession

What is C#?

What you have the desire to make an application. If you’ll name it, you’ll most likely build it with C#.
This programing language is often want to build interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, increased reality (AR), a computer game (VR), desktop applications, and back-end services – simply to call some. for instance, the mobile game Pokemon Go and therefore the Stack Overflow web site was engineered with frameworks that may be run with C# (Unity and ASP.NET).
Even if you already understand a programing language, learning C# (pronounced “see sharp”) will cause you to a higher programmer:
Unlike languages like Ruby and JavaScript, C# has you outline the kind of every knowledge during a program. distribution a sort primarily tells a laptop what operations will and can’t be performed on a bit of information. This form of cryptography helps programmers avoid an outsized category of errors that square measure common to Ruby and JavaScript.
If you’re conversant in Java, you’ll acknowledge however C# programs square measure built—by shaping objects that act with one another, that makes code reusable and simple to manage.

Various Platform/ Cross-platform

This is an enormous one and is a bonus that several understand Java has over C#. the fact is that C# has had cross-platform support for a few times. 

.NET has been able to run victimization Mono on Windows, Mac, Linus iOS, Android, Windows phone and Xbox. 

That ability expands even a lot of with the discharge of NET5, which can embrace full cross-platform support. 

selecting to travel with Java just because it accustomed to be the sole cross-platform language is no longer valid.

Supportable with windows platform

Today’s everyone has been forgotten Linux and Mac and Windows platform users growing. and seeing the popularity of windows C# offers us several advantages.

Developing Applications using C# and MS.Net  is easier in windows platform while java is available for a long time. There is tight integration between windows and C# that allow java developers to develop java based applications.

Dynamic variable

If you are looking into your applications to leverage the power of dynamic variables, then you will also need to use C#. Java will not provide you this option, if you have more tools available to get your job done is always an advantage.

Native Constructs

Java uses some rather gawky native constructs like EJB and personal static category implementations. The constructs that area unit offered in the C# area unit way more elegant. Properties and events run circles around what you’ll be able to do with Java. Why add a way additional untidy up surroundings after you will get everything you wish from C#?

Best IDE integration

Again, you’ll not find it irresistible, however, Visual Studio has more options offered thereto than the different days that go together with Java. Integration with Windows Server is once more an honest point for victimization Visual Studio. whereas IntelliJ may be a shut second (many would possibly discussion that point), Visual Studio continues to be the quality for top-of-the-line development surroundings.

.NET Framework with Client Unification

The majority of purchasers out there that you simply area unit deploying to (unless {you area unit|you’re} deploying to mobile) are aiming to be Windows purchasers. there’s a way tighter integration offered to application developers after you will leverage the facility carried together with the MS.Net

Faster Development of C# and MS.NET

C# is solely ever-changing and evolving quicker than Java. Java has the disadvantage of triumphing and carries the inherent issues of being a pioneer. C# came second and is way additional agile at adapting to the present desires of developers.

Because Java is inferior to C# and different programming languages, Izenda’s business intelligence platform isn’t offered for Java.