Everybody knows about the small containers we get from Chinese restaurants that have our food inside. They are used by many Chinese restaurants to package food for takeaway. They are also used for home deliveries. You might be surprised to know that they were invented in America, not China. Yes, that is right. Do not allow the name to deceive you. The primal form of the box was just a single paper folded in a way that prevented constituents from getting out. A wore was folded and attached to the top for proper handling. Its inspiration came from wooden containers that were used for serving raw oysters. Due to the suburban migration after the Second World War, a lot of Chinese were coming to America cities. This influx led to a boom in the Chinese food industry in America. Hence, special containers were designed to package and deliver that food.

Chinese takeout box

There are other types of food containers in the market too. Then what makes the Chinese Takeout Boxes stand out and make an impact in the market?


Powerful presentation 

Since the 1970s, innovation in their design has become a norm. These are no more simple, white boxes. They have been customized to a great degree. More Asian, or Chinese, culture was infused into them. There is always a thankyou written on these containers. Other attractive graphics are also being printed these days.

Their appealing look with attractive graphics has given them a special position in the industry.

Safety First

Looks are important as they make containers look beautiful. But it is also important that the food inside those casings is safe from any type of harm. Chinese food containers have been developed in such a way that they offer maximum protection. A special poly coating is fitted inside to protect food from harmful effects. This poly surface is crucial as it protects the container from humidity and grease. Since the boxes might need to be placed inside the microwaves, they now come without the metallic wire on top which makes them safe enough to be microwaved. Microwaving is essential for food these days so you can use these boxes without any kind of issues.

Chinese takeout b

Great for the Ecology

Since the environmental concerns are becoming more widespread with time. Packaging has come under massive scrutiny because of the wasteful practices adopted by a lot of restaurants. The containers are not green and cause a lot of damage. They are thrown away because there is no use for them anymore. They ultimately are thrown into rivers and ponds and make them contaminated. 

The oceans are also getting polluted. Even the depths of the oceans have got plastics. It is threatening to the marine life. But the Chinese containers are an exception here. They have always been beneficial for the environment. The materials used to make them come from green sources.

Small Chinese takeout boxes are recyclable which means it is easy for the consumers to reuse them. Since there is a poly layer inside them, they are protected for a long time and people can store other things inside them.

Biodegrading is another important area where a lot of packaging materials still lapse. But these containers are perfectly biodegradable. They can decompose naturally. 



They are known for their flexibility and adaption to different situations. One of the most surprising and effective aspects of these containers that they can be converted into plates. A lot of people still do not know this efficient way of using these containers.


These boxes can be unfolded and converted into a plate for giving the consumers the maximum surface area for enjoying their food. For instance, if you want to have ketchup or sauce placed beside your food, you do not need to have any extra plate to do that. All you need is to unfold the box and you will get your extra space for eating efficiently.


This also creates less waste since all can be done without using any additional utensils. And if the food is too much to be finished in one go, you can always repack it to give it its original shape and unpack whenever you feel like eating again. This will also save you time since using a plate means washing it later.


All of these benefits point towards the fact that Chinese food packaging is one of the most efficient and effective ways of packaging, delivering, and consuming your food. You can use them as plates and then give them their original form, all done within seconds. They tick all the important boxes. It is no surprise, then, that they have become so popular.