Anyone wanted to stay on the top of every passage need to be dressed according to the occasion and scenario, while in Muslims it could be different. Every other women and man take care of dressing before going for their work or anywhere else.

Clothes are the primary part of forming a positive attitude in the first impression: People are being very superficial; it is not about culture every time but the phenomenon and the hardwired instinct. People are becoming more formulating and some initial option of everyone before spoken for them. It means that the clothes are going to have some direct effect on people’s default assumptions for anyone- how better anyone dressed, respect and attention we are going to receive automatically depends on it.

Clothes could increase the perceived status among all the peers: the first impression is not everything, even after that help to improve people’s reaction to you. Societies are working visually and also have better-dressed men and women. Clothing also serves as a substitute for any character in the eyes of every person that does not know very well to judge anybody else. It may sound superficial, but it was true whether we think about it or not. The appearance must not be mean to anybody but it would be for eyes going to catch daily, which makes everything worth.

The dressing also helps to establish confidence: Modest dresses for women and men were also necessary, as it boosts the confidence in every single person. This is the first advice giving in almost every good book. A well-dressed man will always be treated like a respectable person.

Why there is a requirement to dress as a sharp teaches responsibility: it sounds silly; caring about the personality would make everyone more responsible. Muslim clothing for women would be different but they also have some kind of variety in their looks as well. It is important for everyone to look yourselves before leaving home, polished shoes, keep comb hairs, ironed clothes. As it would never through any bad impression for men and for women any modest dress with matching belongings would be appropriate.

A good dresser person always notices details of others: Once you started paying attention to minute details of things like pocket sizes, shapes, collar shapes and all the things essential to be a good dresser.

Dressing well would also give benefits at work: it does not matter what your job work belongs to and whom you are working with, or maybe you could be your boss. If you are dress well enough, it would be easier to step ahead for an urgent meeting with a client, supervisor or any customer without any further notice and extra preparation. Having casuals’ every day would not work but making a schedule for the clothing would work well.

Pattern and colours would say everything: once you started learning about the different colours and pattern for every occasion, it will be easier for you to choose clothes next time goes out for shopping.