Every event that has a large group of people visiting such as concerts, meetings, parades, excursions etc must be organised to the detail in order to keep the participants safe and sound. Special attention must be provided if some or all of the participants are children. They might get lost in the crowd so it might be a good idea to “tag” them in a way. The best option for keeping people organised is by using wristbands. And the most useful type is the Tyvek wristbands. Here is why.

Tyvek is a very strong material that is scratch resistant. It is also water resistant, hence you can see wristbands made from it in big holiday resorts where people who are using the All inclusive service are tagged and can be noticed by the staff. In addition, Tyvek wristbands can’t be tampered with. If someone tries to take it off, the wristband will be damaged. Hence, they are perfect for tagging people who have paid for different types of ticket for a concert and they exclude the opportunity for people tricking the organisers by using one ticket for more people.  

The best part is that Tyvek wristbands are customisable. This means that apart from all the colours you can buy them in and their fluorescent versions, as well as the different pattern, you can have them custom made. You can have printed Tyvek wristbands with any image, pattern or text you like. Therefore, they are excellent for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays and any other special occasions where you would want to put a fun twist on them. You can even use them in your social gatherings with your friends when you decide to play a social game in groups. 

They are always trendy because they are also used to support a cause and raise awareness about a social problem, a disease or any other important happening in the community. In this case, the colour of the wristband is very important as they are commonly used in the same way to show support. These wristbands are also printed with a powerful message, the slogan of the awareness campaign or a picture related to the campaign. 

The printed tyvek wristbands come in 19mm and 25mm standard width sizes. It is recommended to use them 1-2 days for maximum performance. They usually come in sheets of 10 tyvek wristbands. You pull one, place it on the wristband above the wrist, remove the adhesive tab at the end and wrap the wristband around the wrist. Finally, stick the adhesive security tab to the band where it reaches the end. 

To sum up, Tyevk Wristbands have really facilitated the organising process and grouping of people. It is fast, easy and very reliable and it take s just a glance from the security detail to check whether people should be let in a certain area, or having the telephone number of the responsible teacher printed on it keeps the children safe in case they get lost. All in all, the printed Tyvek wristbands are such small but powerful tools that not one event should happen without them.