What are WordPress Breadcrumbs?

 All helpful website movement tools whose aim is to make the navigation process easier are referred to as WordPress Breadcrumbs. Through these tools, your site visitor may spot how the present page is suiting into the whole structure of the website via an inline track that leads to the homepage. One must count breadcrumbs as most important under during WordPress management. 

Breadcrumbs are much important for your WordPress website than you thought. One, they enhance the experience of the user. Second, they improve your site search rankings. Besides that, Google prefers this structural element because visitors get vital navigation assistance when accessing your website organically.

Importance of WordPress Breadcrumbs on Your WordPress Website

  • Breadcrumbs navigation

These types of navigation help your visitor to know they are on which section or page of your website. Further, it assists them to get back to the homepage or primary category without difficulties.

Further, the aim of breadcrumbs navigation is making the whole website friendly to users. In addition, they assist Google Bots to crawl and access every internal page of your site. Thus, they make indexing much better.

  • SEO breadcrumbs

There are many methods of implementing SEO. But, you can improve the outcomes much better using breadcrumbs. Thus, he is how you can boost breadcrumbs SEO:

  • Reduction of bounce rate

Breadcrumbs make a good encounter for first-time visitors, thus attracting them to navigate around your website more. Due to Google search, if someone comes across your page, checks at breadcrumbs and might click the higher-level link to see all important items or topics. As a result, a breadcrumb may lower your bounce rate with ease.

  • Improve user experience

In most cases, your visitors will browse your website with passion. Also, they may click amazing headlines and pictures. As a result, they might forget their initial plan of visiting your site. This is something that nobody would like to happen.

Breadcrumbs offer your visitors with a straight path to move to an advanced page through a single click. Thus, clicking the back button many times to reach the homepage will be easier for them.

  • Functionality and minimal size

By default, breadcrumbs are typed in a simple font, oriented horizontally, and short. So, they do not take a lot of space, which may be important for your site’s mobile version.

Because of their small size, they do free up space for your content by substituting traditional third-rate tools for movement.

  • Effect of Breadcrumbs on Google to improve SEO

Besides users, search engines have also appreciated Breadcrumbs. In fact, Google defines them to be among the enhancement tools which can impact the ranking of your site in a positive manner. Further, recently, Google added breadcrumbs that are complemented with pictures at the top area of their search outcome pages.

Moreover, a breadcrumb trail provides search engines with a concept regarding the design of the website. Besides that, Google might show your breadcrumb trail in search outcomes. As a result, you get more clicks on those links.

  • Breadcrumbs on website

In some cases, a navigational menu might not be enough in guiding your visitors, as well as making them have an amazing experience on your site’s pages. In case you own an online store, it is possible your site has thousands of categories and products.

Therefore, if someone assesses a particular page and wants to go back, it should not take them long. But, the use of breadcrumbs will assist them in clicking a page that is important to them.

How do you showcase Breadcrumbs movement links in your WordPress website?

The methods of displaying breadcrumbs movement links on the website are many. But, these are the most usual ones:

  1. Using simple code

Displaying breadcrumbs movement via coding maybe your best option if the other options do not work out for you. All you need to do is to paste the code below in the functions.php file in the theme directory.

function the_breadcrumb() {
$sep=’ » ‘;
if (!is_front_page()) {
echo ‘<div class=”breadcrumbs”>’;
echo ‘<a href=”‘;
echo get_option(‘home’);
echo ‘”>’;
echo ‘</a>’ . $sep;
if (is_category() || is_single() ){
} elseif (is_archive() || is_single()){
if ( is_day() ) {
printf( __( ‘%s’, ‘text_domain’ ), get_the_date() );
} elseif ( is_month() ) {
printf( __( ‘%s’, ‘text_domain’ ), get_the_date( _x( ‘F Y’, ‘monthly archives date format’, ‘text_domain’ ) ) );
} elseif ( is_year() ) {
printf( __( ‘%s’, ‘text_domain’ ), get_the_date( _x( ‘Y’, ‘yearly archives date format’, ‘text_domain’ ) ) );
} else {
_e( ‘Blog Archives’, ‘text_domain’ );
if (is_single()) {
echo $sep;
if (is_page()) {
echo the_title();
if (is_home()){
global $post;
if ( $page_for_posts_id ) {
echo ‘</div>’;

  1. Via WordPress Yoast

To establish this technique, you should start by installing and activating the Yoast SEO plugin. After activating it, go to SEO >> Advanced page, and examine the “Activate Breadcrumbs” choice.

Once you are done, you will see other various choices to change how the breadcrumbs will get displayed on your website. Even so, remember to save any settings you have done before proceeding.

Further, some specific themes do back up Yoast Breadcrumbs. To test this, go to each page and post check if the navigation gets displayed or not. But, if the theme is not supporting it automatically, you should add a code snippet to your WordPress theme.

You can either put the code in the theme or child theme’s header.php file near the end.

If you still find difficulty then you can contact WordPress Experts who provide SEO Optimization services and provide help regarding  Yoast.

  1. Through Breadcrumb NavXT plugin

This technique is the easiest for adding breadcrumbs navigation on your website. Besides that, this WordPress breadcrumbs plugin is much easier to use, adaptable, and offers a lot of choices than you would think.

You should start by installing and activating the Breadcrumb NaxVT plugin from the WordPress repository.  After activating it, go to Settings>> Breadcrumb NaxVT page for configuration and customization.

The default settings may function for most websites. But, you are free to configure it as per your needs, which is easier.

Further, you should edit the files of your theme to display breadcrumbs using this plugin. To do so, you should add the code below in theme or child’s theme header.php file where you won’t show the navigation.

Now, go to your website to check the navigation links on any of your page or post.

Usual Issues after the addition of Breadcrumbs

Irrespective of the advantages offered by these navigational links, they may at times be dangerous to your website. Here are some usual problems which might result from the addition of breadcrumbs:

  • Unnecessary usage of breadcrumbs

Some websites might not need breadcrumbs due to secondary navigation, primary menu, as well as other blocks. Thus, if the primary navigation menu of your website is visible once you select categories, chances are higher that breadcrumbs will not function on your website.

  • Duplicating the main navigation

The navigation choices should be clear, visible, and working on the page. However, in case they are not, then the primary navigation might be duplicated, leading to a problem. So, a breadcrumb trail is only used as an extra navigation tool for the provision of special links to categories that were on the page.

  • Unplanned categories

A breadcrumb is a set of liner-designed link. So, it is applicable if all they get categorized well. Besides that, in a case is associated with various categories, then the addition of breadcrumbs might lead to confusion. Therefore, ensure your page is not inter-connected to various categories.

  • No complete path display

In some instances, breadcrumbs may not show the entire path, which is a major inconvenience to the users. Instead, it may only display the homepage choice or where the users are.


Breadcrumbs are a vital section of your website for both use and SEO reasons. Thus, you should add them on your website, but start with either of the plugin methods. This will make your addition process easy and enjoyable. If you still face a problem in removing WordPress breadcrumbs then you should hire WP Experts.