The hotel business is considered to be one of the most noble, but also time-consuming activities, which requires huge investments. The real giants of the hotel industry don’t just provide you with a bed over an area of ​​several square meters. A good hotel has an impressive range of services, variations of apartments for every desire and taste, as well as a unique atmosphere.

Very often, business travelers require a personal car, thus many hotels are ready to offer luxury car rental Baltimore Maryland, or in any other point.

Among other things, hotel areas are becoming the center for various administrative and cultural events. But, of course, it’s not easy to come to such success. However, those who nevertheless gain strength and experience for such a breakthrough become world-class stars. We have collected just such networks for you – these are hotel corporations that are known throughout the world, and whose reputation is very high.

  1. Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)

Central Residence: Denham, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Number of hotels: 5,656.

As a hotel chain, IHG was launched only in 2003, but at the moment the company owns a very impressive number of hotels. This is not surprising, because the chain includes a number of world brands. In particular, we are talking about Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites and others. The corporation itself grew on the basis of the InterContinental chain, which was founded back in 1946 and gradually, with an infusion of investments, turned into a large organization.

The company’s management writes that they serve almost 790,000 rooms in total, having residences in more than 100 countries. The hotels of this chain are extremely popular among businessmen, since for the most part the service is designed for this contingent. Each room of any category is provided with internet, a workplace, and a safe.

  1. Wyndham Hotel Group

Central Residence: Dallas, Texas, USA.

Number of hotels: 9,157.

The chain is engaged not only in the hotel business, but also offers resorts of various classes for its clients. In addition to standard, deluxe and presidential rooms in resort areas, the company provides villas and cottages on the coast. Along with the hotels situated directly in the United States, the company has offices in Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Europe and also, several resorts in the Caribbean. Wyndham Hotel Group was founded in 1981, and at the moment is one of the most recognizable brands.

The scale of the customer base and loyalty program is simply amazing. The Wyndham Rewards program is provided for visitors. As part of the conditions, the client can accumulate points for staying in rooms for a certain time. The collected bonuses are spent on lowering the price at the next check-in, as well as on additional services and gifts. At the moment, more than 50 million chain customers use it.

  1. Marriott International Hotel Group

Central Residence: Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Number of hotels: 6,700.

The company is included in the list of 100 best places for employment in the hotel business network. However, purely under their wing the owners of the company have only 22 of the existing hotels. The rest are owned by representatives of related brands who only provide their services under the label of Marriott hotels and operate under franchising conditions.

In total, the network serves 90 countries: among the best hotels are residences in the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Canada. On the territory of hotels, locations are updated in accordance with new standards and fashion trends. The management is especially attentive to the expansion of the client base. Therefore, it organizes language and professional courses for its employees. The network staff speaks a total of 30 languages, which greatly simplifies ordering a room via telephone.

  1. Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Central Residence: Beverly Hills, USA.

Number of hotels: 586.

Perhaps this is one of the most famous chains, which often featured in film production and has become a world label. The phrase ‘Hilton Hotel’ has long been synonymous with comfort, luxury and rich life. The chain itself is part of the large Hilton Worldwide Corporation and covers not only hotels, but also resorts around the world. Founded back in 1925, the hotels have reached considerable heights and operate in 78 countries.

All rooms have wireless internet access, a TV and a minibar. Higher category rooms often include pool, sauna and gym facilities.

For its customers, the Hilton Hotels has developed the Hilton Honors loyalty program, according to which it’s possible to accumulate points for accommodation. Also, the company cooperates with a number of airlines, so the accumulated miles can be exchanged for services in any hotel or resort.

  1. Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Central Residence: Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Number of hotels: 777.

Hayatt Hotels Corporation was founded in 1957, and since then has developed its industry in 54 countries. The corporation offers its customers accommodation in top-class hotels. All rooms are exceptionally chic and comfortable, and the service is carefully monitored, because the world’s first people often stay at these hotels.

The hotels of this network are nominated for various awards, and the chronology of the tourism business often refers to private property of representatives. In 1984, the resort area of ​​the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando was recognized as the best and most impressive – a large pool with a lagoon and a bridge was installed in the recreation area. One of the hotels of the company also has a revolving restaurant.

At the moment, all rooms are equipped with the latest technology, and for regular customers the hotel chain offers tremendous discounts and bonus programs. All hotels have at least 4 stars, and the staff passes the most stringent checks.