We all have read numerous books in our life but we only remember a few books. One often wonders why we only remember some books. That’s because these books had a great storyline and they had a deeper impact than other novels. There are a lot of writing tips that suggest what makes your writing go from bad to good but none of them suggests how to make your writing go from good to great. Every writer once in their life wants to write a book that has a greater impact on its readers and the story stays with them for the rest of their life. Every writer dreams of achieving greatness so that the world never forgets their writing. That’s why greatness holds the power to how we look at this world and only writers can have that power if they focus on changing their writing from good to great. Here are eight writing ways to take your book from good to great:

1.    Intensity

Every reader has once read a novel they could not put down and kept reading it till they finally finished it but after they were done with their reading, they forgot all about the book they just read. That’s called an entertaining book that has momentum in it. But to make your writing from good to great, you need more than momentum. You need to have intensity in your writing. Intensity and depth in your writing will make sure that the readers find your book exciting every time they read it.

2.    Empowerment

When we read a book, we often read it till last if it’s entertaining enough and give us a good time. It lets us escapes from the daily routine we have. That’s called escapism. Good writing has this one feature that keeps the reader glued to his book but for great writing, that’s not enough. A book should completely change the way you look and feel about the world. Great writing empowers you.

3.    Shine Light On the Truth

One thing that will make your writing from good to great is when you are able to reflect light on the raw emotions of a human. When you are able to write about the flawed perceptions of us humans, that’s what makes good writing. It tells us about character growth and the truth behind it.

4.    Five Senses

Another tip that will make your writing from good to great is when you go beyond the five senses. According to professional thesis writers, every reader wishes to read something that not just deepens the characters physical business but also its characterizations

5.       Play with Emotions

Every good book sticks to one genre. It could be a comedy that keeps making them laugh or it could be a love story with a tragic ending that makes them cry. A great book has mixed genre and it plays with the emotions of the readers. It makes them cry and laugh at the same time and a book that’s able to revoke reader’s emotions is a book that they can never forget.

6.       Idiosyncrasies

A great book tells the story of a person who has made mistakes and has taken risks.  A good book only reflects rationalism all the time and it can get dry. To make your writing great, it’s important to stick to the true facts about human beings and embrace their idiosyncrasies

7.       Ugly Truths

For a great book, it’s important that you forget about all being pretty and address the actual factors that make up our society. Being a great writer means writing about the ugly truths and the problematic views of our society i:e their views on racism or gender discrimination etc.

8.    Stick to its True Essence

Last but not the least, make sure your book in order to be great should be true to you IQ for its true essence and you should only use your best material when it has a purpose, not without it.


Every writer dreams of a great book and to write that, it’s important to stick to the reality of this world in order to leave an everlasting impression on the readers.