WordPress made it easy for anyone to create a website. It is easy to use and it’s fast and it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge. Even someone like who isn’t a developer can do things like SEO and modify WordPress with a breeze. So here is some plugin’s discussion in today’s post that I am going to share with you to get more traffic and increase visibility using the ranking of your WordPress website. Getting traffic to the website is not just about how you get traffic to your website even it depends on how you keep your audience on your website to read your content on the website and how the audience will come back again to your website. 

These are the following plugin’s that I am using here for my WordPress website Staff timer app as this is a best time tracking software to monitor your team and helps to increase employees’ productivity. 

  • W3 Total Cache plugin

Load time is super important, especially most people are using mobile devices now. So w3 total cache ensures that your site will load as fast as you can. It will improve load times and it will help you connect with CDN’s and it’s made better use of server resources, so that’s why your server doesn’t have to continue to push the same content again over and over again. 

  • Smush Image Compression plugin

If you are creating blog content and you are on a WordPress blog, you should add images in the right way and this plugin ensures that they still look good and quality so that when someone looks at the pictures don’t look all pixelated and fuzzy. But this plugin decreases the size of the image in terms of server size, so when the people ping your website and it loads the website much faster.

  • Yoast SEO plugin 

The third plugin that you have to use is a Yoast SEO plugin. It does everything from on-page optimization, controlling your meta tags and title tags, and analyzes the content of your website. This plugin creates a sitemap for you to help with structure and markup and ensures your blog is SEO friendly or not.

  • Sucuri plugin 

The fourth plugin that you have to use for the WordPress website is Sucuri.  If your website gets hacked, Your traffic and rank will tank, and when it tanks you fix it and it’s hard to recover. Sucuri helps to prevent you from getting hacked. Make sure your website should be hacked and if the website gets hacked, it can’t be recovered in a couple of months, you are lucky if it can be recovered in 30 days. 

  • AMP for WordPress plugin

The fifth plugin is AMP for a WordPress website that helps to increase huge mobile traffic for your website. Look if you want to rank high and you want to get yourself in google news, You need to make sure that your website has an AMP framework. In other words, your tech articles load fast and google just post it on their end. 

  • A3 Lazy Load Plugin 

When you use images on your website and even when you compress them and it still takes time for the web page to load. You want to make it where those images load as people scroll, that’s why you are not loading all the images of the page and it takes forever for that webpage to load when people start reading the content and scrolling. 

  • One Schema Rich Snippets  plugin

If you want to improve search visibility, you should use rich snippets between the page titles. This plugin is great and simple to use. With schema markups, you will find some people are like ‘Yeah” and find the same content that they are searching and it is relevant to them or not. 

  • Simple SSL Plugin

The eight plugins, really SSL that ranks the website at the top. 90% of the websites that rank at the top have SSL installed.