is an exclusive class of IP address. This address is used for private networks. In all the cases, IP Address is used for logging into the server and getting connected to a server. This address is issued by a network hardware to the client side as the default address to access various gateways. It is a special class of IP address that belongs to IPV4 and is used by huge business telecommunication brands.

You might have seen other IP addresses like and also, both of them cater to different routers as their default gateway login. The best application you can find is when you have just bought a new router and you want to login and change a few settings. There are tons of things that one can do from the gateway login address. Things like fixing the router’s address, setting up the parental control support. 

In case the device which you are using the admin login	takes you to the default gateway login then remember that the rest devices also if they use the same router then even for them the default gateway login shall be, here you need to make sure that the 1 can be replaced by any other number as well. We can take a very simple example. If you are at your home and you have multiple devices at your home then you can think of them as alternative devices. 10.0.0.x can be considered as the first device then what you see as the X can be anything depending upon the devices. 

It is called as gateway address because that's the way you login and since it paves the way for users to access the login page. This is a class A addres. Subnet Mask of is 

What’s the way to find out if the router uses the login address?

When it comes to windows:

1. See for the search bar and enter “CMD”
2. Click on the result when you see command prompt option
3. When you see the command prompt window, start by entering “ipconfig//all” and press enter
4. You can look for the router’s local IP address by checking the default gateway section
5. Now you can clearly see the IP address of your default gateway


1. First of all click on the Apple icon 
2. See for the system preferences options and go ahead
3. Click on network icon under the internet & wireless. 
4. Once you see that then you will notice that the router’s IP address, subnet mask and MAC computer’s IP 
    address shall be displayed in the network window.

How do I set up my router?

When we get ourselves a new router. We have to control everything with the help of a platform or a medium that allows us to control lot many things such as router settings, the configuration can be adjusted using the IP address. What you have to do is basically open your web browser and then pretty much chrome or safari get rolling with the address. Let us see the purpose for which is used.

1. Settings the proxy settings
2. Setting up the DNS also called Domain Name Server
3. Setting the DHCP client: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
4. User gets access to change wireless function settings
5. Users can even get access of the MAC addresst