Established in 1939, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is situated in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, i.e. Bishkek is a public university. Being one of the oldest universities, it is one of the best universities in Kyrgyzstan offering medical studies. The government of the Kyrgyz Republic, MCI and WHO accept the university. In the capital city of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Academy enjoys its prime spot.

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Affordable System for Fees

At competitive rates, Kyrgyzstan offers MBBS / Medical courses. The overall course fee for the MBBS Course is 15-16 Lacs, which is somehow lower than Russia’s fee structure, China’s fee structure, Georgia’s fee structure, Ukraine’s fee structure, and other countries.

The Foreign MBBS Degree Recognition

Another convincing explanation is that MCI and Who are known by several colleges in Kyrgyzstan, which makes it a reputed and renowned place to follow MBBS.


KSMA has more than 550 + accredited schools providing exemplary programmes to students. When it comes to solving their questions in class as well as in question class, they are very cooperative with the students. During the exam time, they will support students in their practical classes, theory classes, and special question classes.


Kyrgyzstan Medical University is recognised and acknowledged by organisations such as WHO, IMED, MCI, FAIMER, and others. The degree is recognised all over the world due to its high acceptance and approval by the university, which further makes it easier for students around the world.

Entry exam is not compulsory

Another explanation is that in order to obtain admissions, students are not expected to clear the entry exams, which makes it easy for students to enrol in Kyrgyzstan ‘s colleges.


University classrooms in KSMA are well equipped with the latest techniques and methods to ensure that students are well exposed to subjects and clearly understand the issue. The university’s entire infrastructure is magnificent and spacious. The new are the types of equipment and resources used by the students in the laboratory. There are more than 4,00,000 books in the KSMA medical library.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE FOR Pakistani learners

MBBS has more than 12,000 medical students in Kyrgyzstan, with a substantial number of students from other nations as well. English is the language of instruction and communication in schools, which makes it easy for international students to understand.

Lowset Length of Course

The length of the courses at the Universities of Kyrgyzstan is 5, which is smaller than in other countries.


Hostels are fitted with all the necessities needed by providing numerous activity centres available there, such as a gym, sports field, indoor games and extracurricular activity centres. Hostels are situated far closer to the university, making it easier to enter the university in time for students. Also, the hostels have all the necessary facilities. With visual representations in the classroom, students are given useful practical information to describe medical terminology in a comprehensive manner.


General Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry, Paediatric, Stomatology, Pharmacy, and Public Health Care are some of the courses offered. The University offers other courses to Indian and foreign students as well as international students. Some doctoral programmes include Medical Sciences, Public Health, Pharmacy Department, General Medicine Department, Paediatrics Department, Nursing Department, Prosthodontics Department, and many more. Courses for Doctors of Medicine (MD) are also offered here.

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