With social media ticking round-the-clock, is it still important to have brochures to market your business? The answer is yes. Social media advertising, networking, and any other marketing efforts are a support system for offline marketing through brochures. A vital piece of literature that speaks about your products and services that a potential customer would like to take away with them.

The brochure is the face of your brand, be selective in terms of design and content, as it will be placed in their hands but should stay in their heads. Integrate a well-designed brochure in your branding process and serve a perfect introduction to your business. Reach out to the new and existing customers by distributing offline or sharing it Online Brochure Templates. Create a well-designed brochure that comprises visuals, bullet points, and a brief copy to create interest.

Below is a list of brochures suitable for all kinds of industries. Choose your best fit and start designing right away. Download high-quality brochures and get them printed in masses. Try out different brochure maker with templates and make the best selection to serve the purpose.

Different Types Of Brochures Templates:

Brochures go hand in hand for a business in the marketing phase. There are multiple ways to platform your business, but brochures are such an effective mode of marketing that one can easily access them without the need for the internet and a device. It is viable in expanding your company’s visibility and reaches out to existing and new customers in an instant.

Business Brochure Templates
Lap these business brochure templates to customize one on your own. Feed-in your business details and match the design as per your niche, and you are good to go.


2. Furniture brochure templates

The furniture market relies on brochures to spread awareness among people. Marketing your furniture store plays an important role in driving sales. Especially if you are considering to offer sales and discounts, you are more likely to attract the right audience at your store. Link your brochure to your website as a call to action, to correctly display the furniture to fit in their environment.

Furniture Brochure Templates

Render the below furniture brochure templates to find the best fit for your business. Cultivate fresh colors and clean designs to add a professional touch to your furniture brochure design.

3. Newsletter brochure templates

One of the practical forms of advertising is to distribute newsletter brochures around. They are effective in reaching out to the public to spread awareness of a particular topic or community. One can inform, educate, and persuade an action easily through an eye-catching newsletter brochure design.

Newsletter Brochure Templates

Newsletter brochure templates are made all by yourself in no time with PhotoADKing. Set out clear, concise details about the purpose of the marketing newsletter on the go.

4. Catalog brochure templates

Catalogs are great at offering the right amount of information that a reader might need regarding a business, product, or service. They are blended well with the visuals and which is why it needs to be appealing. It should perfectly highlight the defined products. Provide an excellent reference for your branding and detailed information about the products you offer to them.

Catalog brochure templates

Promote your company offline with the help of catalog brochure templates. Let custom catalog brochure design picture the face of your brand with the right photographs and written matter.

5. Sales brochure templates

Sales and marketing should be an important element in your business. Make a sales copy that gets your brochures and pamphlets read and gets customers to respond. If you’re planning to create a sales brochure, then you probably should choose the right tool to collect a response.

Sales Brochure Templates

PhotoADKing offers a wide range of sales brochure templates that are easy to customize. Make an effective sales brochure hassle-free with our brochure maker. Hand out a brochure that leaves an impression on prospects with us.

6. Real Estate brochure templates

As a realtor, you want to grow business; then, marketing plays a major role in capturing the needed attention of potential clients. Build the pillar of your business with a trusted brochure making tool. More than 70% of home buyers place a booking based on the advertisement they came across. Reach the prospects in next to no time with PhotoADKing’s real estate brochure maker.

Real Estate Brochure Templates

We’ve compiled a list of real estate brochure templates or real estate flyers that can help attract new clients being a real estate agent. Add a link to your website for a total walkthrough experience.

7. Food brochure templates

Boost restaurant sales by marketing pamphlets and brochures to spread awareness. Make them try the best food you have to serve with visually appealing imagery and engaging script. Make the buzz of your restaurants, cafes, and eateries with the help of food brochures. The ultimate key to attract people is through tempting graphics of original food served at your place.

Food Brochure Templates

Intend to reach the targeted audience with food brochure templates. Cycle out the copies with some unreasonable discounts that blend well with your marketing purpose.

8. Leaflet brochure templates

Leaflets are printed sheets of paper that contain the information of a brand/service. Leaflets have been overlooked, that are ineffective pieces of advertising. They are meant to benefit through useful information about a product or business. Leaflet brochures can contain more info with a defined purpose. You can balance it right with images rather than making it text-heavy.

Leaflet Brochure Templates

Find your ideal match with these leaflet brochure templates to grab the attention of possible customers. Include images and eye-catching headers for easy readability.

9. Pamphlet brochure templates

Pamphlets are nothing but brochures with more than one fold. It can be printed single-sided or double-sided. Pamphlets make it easy to produce and distribute amidst your target audience. It is the tried and tested marketing piece that people are more likely to hold back into their bags due to its dynamic layout.

Pamphlet Brochure Templates

Fit in most of your business information to better the chances of keeping it. Make use of pamphlet brochure templates to look presentable and give a lasting impression.

10. Medical brochure templates

To provide information to the needful, medical brochures work best. You can serve at your hospital, clinic, and with the help of clear instructions and colorful illustrations, one can easily spread health awareness. Being a medical professional, you should always look out for these kinds of brochures to solve health-related queries.

Medical brochure templates

In a way, you can ease the stress of some medical practices to treat a patient in the best possible way. Tap on these medical brochure templates to edit the design and practice the best care.

11. Travel brochure templates

Travelling is fun, and so should be your brochure design. Share the user’s experience and a reason to create lifelong memories with the help of travel brochures. Anyone who provides travel and tourism-related help to the public can make the most out of travel brochures. Advertise destinations and vacation packages to help people book exciting vacations.

Travel Brochure Templates

Customize a beautiful travel brochure template in no time with PhotoADKing’s brochure maker. Help hoteliers and travel agencies build relationships with meaningful travel stories.

12. Photography brochure templates

We are living in an era where photographs work well both online and offline mediums. The photography business has gathered a lot of competition to date. It is important to stand out from the rest. Use the traditional and trusted method of marketing i.e., photography brochure. Focus on the photography skills your targeted audience would like to see.

Photography Brochure Templates

Capture attention with the use of stunning photography brochure templates. Add a heroic image in your photography career that can draw eyeballs.

13. Spa brochure templates

One of the effective ways to improve your strategic planning for your spa is through the use of brochures. Create an online presence as well to build a greater impact. Promote different spa programs to attract interested users in no time with PhotoADKing. Add a link to your functional website within your spa brochure design.

Spa Brochure Templates

Set the spa marketing plan with the use of spa brochure templates. Browse through the designs from the gallery and pick one that matches your niche well to enhance your design skills.

14. Party brochure templates

Marketing your event is sorted with PhotoADKing’s party brochure maker. Focus on creating a live experience for your audience. Go through the party brochure templates and decide which brochure design is best for you. Get the crowd to attend your party or buy tickets to your event with a stunning party brochure design.

Party Brochure Templates

Party culture is booming, and it might seem easy to attract party enthusiasts, but it is not. Insert a picture of past life experience with a crowd to help build trust.

15. Gym brochure templates 

To run a successful gym business, market your fitness club or a large chain of gyms to acquire members with the help of gym brochures. Promote your gym club effectively by creating a user-friendly website to land the customers acquired through brochures to your online space. Make your annual packages clear in your gym brochure design to improve conversion rates.

Gym Brochure Templates

Pick the right gym brochure templates and manage multiple branches with the targeted distribution. Drive entries for your membership plan by including the CTA phrase in the end.

16. Fashion brochure templates

Make brochures an important part of fashion marketing. Bring your creations to life by presenting it to the world. Easily attract wholesale buyers and customers and build loyalty with your fashion brand’s image. Look through different aspects of marketing your clothing line and generate profits in no time with PhotoADKing.

Fashion Brochure Templates

Coordinate the plan, layout, and styles with fashion brochure templates. The ready to use templates can help showcase the flair for fashion and pop culture. Entice the customers to perform the buy or visit your store once.

17. Event brochure templates

Make people participate in your event by building a strong brand reputation through brochures. Allow your company to provide exposure by conducting events beforehand. Make your audience engagement through the purpose of your event with an effective event brochure design. Organizing an event can be a tedious task, but your event brochure should not be.

Event Brochure Templates

Get your hands on event brochure templates and start designing one like a pro. Share the information where the event will take place, such as venue, attendee fees, etc.

18. Education brochure templates

Present the main functions of education by marketing your learning course with the help of brochures. Seek what field you specialize in and explore the market’s factors in order to achieve your goal. Providing the right course at the right time to the right audience is the key. If you are able to manage the distribution efficiently, then from the design end, you should not worry about it.

Education Brochure Templates

Pick the suitable education brochure template to promote your learning course and define a design on your terms. Pursue the design of your dreams without a hitch.

19. Cleaning service brochure templates

As soon as your business is in place, it would be best if you started marketing it wisely. Invest your time in planning a brochure for your cleaning service, as it will help you reach out to the customers and spread awareness of your cleaning service. With the inexpensive means of marketing i.e., brochures, you’ll be able to reach out to masses by targeted approach.

Cleaning Service Brochure Templates

Differentiate your cleaning business with stunning cleaning service brochure templates. Wipeout all your worries to market your cleaning service, when you have an intuitive editor to guide you with the brochure design.

20. 3D brochure templates

A three-dimensional approach to your brochure can add an archaic visual element in the design. Look innovative yet minimal at the same time with the help of our 3D brochure design. Add a 3D text, image, or visual that adds a dimension to your brochure. It is a modern approach to the traditional means of marketing. Make your 3D concept and design talk about the efficiency of your business.

3D Brochure Template

Opt for a 3D brochure template over anything; it doubles the efforts of marketing in the first place. Take your business on a different level by servicing these 3D brochure designs to serve your purpose.

The ultimate Takeaway for your business

However, you must be aware of the impact a brochure has on your branding. Fuel your marketing plan with a varied range of three fold brochure templates. Start your design journey with PhotoADKing and wash off the expenses of hiring a designer. Instead, put to use these professionally tailored brochure templates and expand your company’s visibility in a flash using brochure maker. All you need to do is seek through your business category from the above listed or browse through more from the dashboard and make a perfect brochure design that fits your cause.

Register a free account with PhotoADKing to get started. Access free and premium brochure designs from the library. You are stated that the editor allows you to make every little change in the design. Replace the background image from the imported library that includes stock full of royalty-free images to choose from or either upload one from your device. Include your brand logo (if needed) with the same process. Alter the font style, position, and text as per the requirement. Manage the design layers from the ‘Layer’ section. Save the design before you Download, as later you’ll be able to re-edit the same. Share the brochure straight to social media platforms.