If you’re in search of the job, then definitely you have visited many companies. You need to take time and go for the interview, and there is no surety that you will get into the company’s profile because many people are waiting for that. What if you find an online platform to search the work in the field you want. You can search the people who are offering the work similar to your requirement, and you can directly contact them and get the prompt reply.

We at MintTM provide you many open source freelance script with better user experience and features to attract the customers. Our Freelancer Clone is the intermediatory platform between the job seekers and job givers to find the work like a designer, data entry, programmer, editor, website development, android and iOS developer and plenty of other works.

These platforms assist you to promote the freelancers, upload their work, create opportunity, build the community. That’s why they feel more interesting to use this platform. Let’s discuss some of the key points to consider while developing a website using a freelance marketplace script.

Freelancer Clone

  • 24/7 support

    A website with strong and active customer support will be mostly visited by the people. They always looking for who is giving them a quick reply case of the trouble situation.

    While developing the website from the open-source freelance script, include the feature of the customer assistance. There are many ways of support, call, email, online chat. Due to advanced technology, you can integrate the chatbot on your website that will be worked automatically without the help of any human. It’s the most preferred way by most of the famous website and people find it interesting. So, you must include this feature in your Freelancer clone to allure the customer towards your website.

  • Real-time progress track

    It’s really important to keep tracking the process you have made in your project to achieve the deadline set by you.

    While working in a site like a freelancer, the importance of the deadline is really high. If you’re unable to fulfill the demand of the client, you may lose the client and money will be deducted. When people are working from home, the tracking system will help them to figure out how much work has been done by them. Even it helps to keep data of what work you have completed till now. Therefore, while developing a website from the freelance marketplace script, do consider this point in your Freelancer Clone as it’s an additional required feature.

  • Chat system

    Another predominant point to consider while developing a Freelancer clone. Communication between job givers and takers is a really important part of completing the project.

    Additionally, the employer and freelancer can clarify the queries, project discussion, through the chat system of the website. This type of small discussion can happen fro the message only, where we don’t require email, in this case, if you have an option of live chat then it would make a positive impact and attract the customers. The point to consider here is that your open source freelance script must provide the end-end encryption to prevent unauthorized person to access the information. Therefore, this is how a chat system would make a big impact and attract customers.

  • Simple to use

    The most important feature to make your website user friendly for beginners. Don’t add too many categories and sections, it makes your site complex. People won’t find it interesting and useful after some period of time. Influence the customer with this salient feature by making your website simple to use. Search, bid, chat, payment, profile update, these are the most used features of the website, hence making it easy and convenient to locate. Additionally, you can take feedback from the users on their experience of the user, it helps to improve the website.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, people are more clever than earlier and know how to find work online. There are many online platforms are available to kickstart working with the help of the internet and computer. An employer can find the job from Freelancer clone they want to work and complete it independently without having any pressure of time and place. You will be the boss of your own work so that you can achieve a remarkable milestone.