Every industry uses data to discover new knowledge, interpret their business and make the right decisions at the right time. As big data, cloud computing, machine learning algorithms, and statistical methods converge to produce reliable analytical reports, data science is gaining traction and is being applied in all fields. But the design of data science solutions requires human excellence.

Many graduates and professionals are gaining interest to study data science, pursue data science certifications, and step up in their career. At the same time, the graduates and professionals tend to step back for want of funds to pursue their fascinating subject and earn a dream job.

To support their studies, there are several data science funds programs available that aid them in pursuing their dream career. There are sources of grant funding to support educational initiatives at the university level.

Get introduced to the differently structured popular data science funds program available across the globe.

Grant Funding Resources for Data Science Programs

Here is a list of three popular grant funding resources for data science programs.

World Data Science Initiative (WDSI)

World data science shares the subsidies for universities directly like Private Universities, Public Universities, Data Science Education Consortia and Funded Data Science education projects.

The World Data Science Initiative has started with a resolution of building 250,000 future-ready data science professionals by the year 2022. WDSI’s data science funds program grants over USD 300 million worth to the select institutions as per their eligibility criteria. The funds enable the institutions to help their prospective students get accredited with the most advanced vendor-neutral data science standards in the world.

Under the WDS grant initiative, the benefits are directly released to accredited bodies. Then, they can configure the subsidy internally in their fee structure for the participating professionals. It is to be noted that the subsidy for institutions who have been benefited from this program in the recent past will be declined.

WDSI is a unique funding initiative where candidates get the opportunity to pursue their data science programs with subsidies. There are several initiatives available across the globe that provides educational loans free of interest, installment options, and grants to research in their universities. WDSI stands distinct here.

The Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI)

The Harvard Data Science Initiative supports data science research and methodology, its applications through its varied programs. For instance, The Harvard Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellows support post-doctoral scholars to pursue their research in collaboration with Harvard faculty. The Harvard Data Science Initiative Faculty Special Projects Fund encourages candidates for non-funded data science opportunities up to $5,000.

The Harvard Data Science Initiative Competitive Research Fund provides funding to Harvard faculty who can propose novel innovations or solutions to prevailing data science challenges. Likewise, Harvard provides funds for internships and cross-disciplinary collaboration between data scientists.

Data and Computational Research-Sloan Foundation

The grants here is meant to support the management and sharing of research code and data from acquisition through analysis. The grants in this program are of four types. Firstly, the grants support technology development; secondly, the grant supports the training of the workforce, curricular initiatives and targeted adoption of new technologies; thirdly, it supports research, and the fourth one is community grants with a notion to build networks for knowledge exchange across disciplines and institutions.

To summarize and conclude, apart from these aforementioned funding programs, there are different types of data science fund programs available across the globe. There are funding initiatives to support conferences, travel support for underrepresented minorities, the sustainability of open-source software projects, university faculties, and more.

Opportunities knock at the door but once. It is how we utilize the opportunities to grow our career further by upskilling through these learning initiatives.