An HR career is what many of us dream of, especially those possessing great soft skills. However, these days, you do require HR tech skills at the same time to succeed in the said field of profession. In the US, the pay in the HR job function is higher than the national average of all other professions, and therefore, HR professionals enjoy a decent lifestyle while having an exciting career to follow on to.

As per Payscale, an early-career HR specialist having work experience between 1-4 yrs makes an average of USD 47,536, while a mid-career HR specialist with an experience between 5-9 yrs earns a median annual salary of USD 53,258. The pay rises further as you move up the career ladder and gain more experience in the mentioned career field. Further, if you are blessed with a few HR tech skills, you can always demand higher than average pay, which you will surely be offered, given the high demand for HR tech skillset in the global job markets. Online HR certifications are a great way to gain such a vital HR skillset.

Top 4 HR Certifications in the US That Enhance Your Job-Readiness

APTD – Associate Professional in Talent Development

The said industry-relevant HR certification is offered by the globally-reputed accreditation body, known as the Association of Talent Development or ATD. APTD is best suited to HR professionals with 3-5 yrs of industry experience. It trains and teaches professionals in HR-specific subjects such as learning technology, instructional design, and training delivery. Having obtained the said certification, professionals become adept at drafting and executing the talent development program for the entire company they work for. Also, they get to understand about gauging the performance of the applied talent development strategy.

TMI (Talent Management Institute) Certifications in HR Management

The globally-recognized accreditation body in the field of HR offers an array of HR-development certification programs for HR professionals spread across the world. Although they have numerous HR-development programs available on their web portal, we will talk about the two for which the eligibility requirements are a little relaxed.

Here are these:

  • TMP (Talent Management Practitioner)
  • STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner)

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP): It can prove to be the stepping stone to a rewarding HR career lying ahead of you. The certification program best suits recent graduates in HR and young HR professionals. Companies across the world these days are seeking highly-skilled individuals, and that’s why a rising demand for people with proven knowledge in HR management. TMP offers just that and thereby improves your job-readiness significantly.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP): It is designed keeping in mind the high aspirations of mid-career HR professionals who are looking to climb the career ladder fast, and move up to the positions of HR specialists. The said industry-relevant HR certification adds a significant edge to your candidature profile and thereby makes you more valuable to hiring managers & recruiters.

SHRM-CP, or Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional

The eligibility for the certification program for graduates in HR, demands a minimum of one year of experience in the field of HR management. It provides for training to the candidates in implementing and executing talent policies. Being among the most popular and valuable HR certifications in US, it offers a great ROI to its registrants.

We hope the article has provided you with good insights on what online certifications can be a great fit for your long-term HR career goals. Further, as an HR aspirant, you would have learned the importance and criticality of professional HR credentials in making a quick progression to the higher hierarchies in the said field of profession.