The interactions your prospects and clients have with your enterprise directly affect your bottom line. Try to imagine this have you ever had a bad encounter with an enterprise over a phone call or in-person? What did they do to your feelings towards that firm? Did you stop being loyal to that company? Most of the customers do, which is why learning the importance of customer service is superior to your success.

In the modern technological world, several organizations have stopped using customer service through the internet, relying on the internet for chats, FAQs on the website, social media interaction. While these are all helpful and essential, overlooking the need for a VoIP phone system can be what drives any company into the ground or at least reduce the profit.  

Are you one of those companies who are concerned about how to make the experience better for your customers? Enterprises that use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system can help to enhance the customer experience. From providing better sales and service to support assistance, VoIP phones are optimized to fulfill customer requirements. 

What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP phone systems use hardware and software to manage telephone calls via voice over internet protocol technology. Phone calls are conducted over the internet instead of conventional legacy technology of the public switched telephone network or integrated services digital network. 

Because of fewer infrastructures needed to conduct phone calls on VoIP technology, voice calls can be provided at very low costs. Because VoIP systems also use the internet connection to deliver your phone system, several modern features are available to SMBs that were previously unaffordable. These features contain voicemail to email, instant messages, call recording, call divert, and music on hold. 

Can I use a VoIP phone for routine purposes?

A VoIP phone system can do anything an ordinary landline or mobile phone could. As it is simple and user-friendly, you still get your usual handset. Besides, you can still use VoIP phones as traditional phone services. It can be used to ring and dial out to make and answer calls. The only difference is that your voice is transferred via internet connections instead of copper lines.

The only that a typical VoIP system requires is the internet. Various VoIP service providers like Layer One Networks can take advantage of this and can let you direct your landline calls to your mobile devices. This means that you do not have to be anywhere near your headset to make or answer phone calls. 

Here are 4 ways that explain how a VoIP phone system can improve your customer services.

  1. Customer data is readily available:

Based on the soft you integrate with your VoIP phone system, you can benefit from various features. The VoIP phone system allows you to use convenient screen pops. You can see this feature if you incorporate with Salesforce, for instance:

  • Customer notes from a previous executive
  • Customer purchase history
  • Complaints customers registered
  • Customers’ contact detail

These are important as you can respond faster to the caller. Customers will feel valued and you can find a resolution faster for them.


  1. Clients can use a knowledge base:

Approximately, 85% of customers will trust a review that is left by another prospect. If you install your VoIP phones with software like Zendesk, you can establish a customer knowledge base and help center. Your knowledge base allows customers to look up frequently asked questions. When customers seek your help, they can also view comments from other prospects. This can guide them if they choose to take advice or suggestions from others before carrying out the transaction. Or, if they want to reach your self-help area rather than calling in to reach support, 

  1. Prospects can use multi-channels:

With VoIP phone services that operations via the cloud, your clients can reach out to you on the channels they like. Most customers prefer email or text, whereas some may choose a human operator. The VoIP phone system allows you to monitor multiple customer channels. Also, you can run data analysis to keep track of call durations and how agents manage calls. This is favorable if you are training fresh candidates and want to listen in on barge in on their call to provide guidance to them. You can send a message to the agent for helping them via a call to find optimum solutions to all your problems. 

  1. Quick follow-up on customer tickets:

Another reason to integrate your VoIP phone system with software like Zendesk is your executives can see the details on open support tickets. In addition, you can view that if no support ticket exists when a customer or client calls, the software will create a new support ticket automatically. This saves time and customers do not have to wait for a long time on hold. 


As VoIP phone services enable you various types of software integration, these can help enhance your customer experience. You can increase call resolutions and allow customers to find the information they require in your knowledge base. You will also be offering your employees an advanced calling facility to optimize calls and enhance each customer journey. Layer One Network is a leading VoIP service provider and an expert source of managed services for thousands of global enterprises, startups, and companies. They exist right in the middle of technology, finance, innovation, and social media.